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I’m so glad you have taken the time to come and check out my website.  The goal of my business is to help other business owners with the techy stuff in their businesses.

You’ll likely find some woo woo type stuff around. My spiritual journey is helping me in my business and I’ve ended up here because of it. I have been lead to this path through a variety of life experiences.  Having discovered the Law of Attraction in late 2013 or early 2014, it led me down a path of learning to take more responsibility for what was going on in my life and also making my life about me and not about the people around me. So here we are.

It is my goal in life to make computers accessible to everyone through teaching and training. And it is my hope that since you’ve found me and my website, that you’re wanting to expand on your computer knowledge and let me help you through that process.

Computers can be scary! I’ve had my own fair share of fun (just last week as I type this) and I’m excited to help you learn to manage those challenges and make the best use of the computer that you can for your needs.

What I’ve learned over time is that everybody uses the computer for different things and in different ways. There is no one right way to do things. As long as you get to where you want to be and it does what you need it to do, I’m good with that. I’m not here to make you a “mini me”, I’m here to help smooth out the path to learning about this crazy machine and hopefully giving you some tips and guides along the way that make the computer faster, easier and less stressful to use.

Please have a look around, let me know if I can be of assistance to you!  I very much look forward to working with you!

Tons of love!



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If you are local or if you just want to chat one to one via Skype, this is the place for you! I offer lots of great options and packages for one to one help. Click below to read more!

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