Laura Bungarz

WordPress Webinar:  Learn how to get your message out into the world!

Hi!  I’m glad you found me!  If you’re here chances are you’re a soul centered business owner looking for a soul centered computer coach because the tech in your business is giving you some trouble!  

I’ve been playing around with computers for over 20 years and I’ve learned a lot over time just based on my own need to get stuff done and figure stuff out.

I am / was a teacher and I needed to be able to make things for my classroom. So I learned things like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.  

I decided I liked the idea of building my own websites, so I learned HTML and WordPress.

I decided I needed to be able to edit PDF’s and do other cool tricks, so I learned about different file types and how to edit them.

Need has always been the mother of all invention and so, based on my own need, I learned and because I’ve learned, now I can teach!

I was a computer trainer once before. I’ve worked with all kinds of different groups of people: from people in career transition to seniors wanting to connect with their children and grandchildren to other business owners wanting to use the Internet to expand their businesses and so many others.

I’ve since become soul centered and spiritually aware which changes my goal somewhat. I want to make sure that those of us that are awake are able to get our messages out there. I want the technology to allow you to reach as many people as you want to without slowing you down. I want you to be able to spread your message as far and wide as you can.

I want to help you so you can help others and together we can change the world!

But, it starts by getting comfortable with the computer. It starts by putting your message out there in the great wide world and seeing where it takes you.

I’m honoured to serve and to help.  Please have a look around my little home and let me know if you have any questions!

Love to all.