Attracting Customers

There is all kinds of business advice out there.  The majority tells us to work hard, advertise lots and if you’re very lucky you’ll get clients and maybe you’ll make enough to live on one day.  It’s almost entirely based on luck and if you can figure out a way to stand out among the thousands of businesses that are just like yours.  But none of them have factored in one thing: The Law of Attraction.

What does the Law of Attraction say?  It says that like attracts like, kind of like a magnet.  So then it begs the question:  Can I simply attract clients and customers to me?  Do I really have to do all of that work and simply cross my fingers that things work out?  Well the answer is yes, you can simply attract clients and there is no such thing as luck.

Does the Law of Attraction guarantee that I will be successful?  No it doesn’t guarantee anything.  Why? Because we’re human.  Because we have sloppy thinking and we don’t completely control every thought and emotion that comes to us and because there will be times when your confidence will be challenged, when you’ll worry and stress and fuss over things instead of simply allowing the Law of Attraction to do it’s job.  But simply understanding the Law of Attraction and making an effort to use it in your business gives you a massive advantage over those that don’t.

Abraham-Hicks tells us “don’t worry, it’ll get bigger.”  The reason for that is that worry is focusing on a problem.  When we focus on a problem we make the problem bigger, even though it’s something we don’t want.  The Law of Attraction says we get whatever we put our focus on, whether we want it or not.  We can help ourselves by focusing on the solution.  Focus on the answer.  Ask the Universe for help and stay off the the subject, the problem in this case, entirely.

I’ve learned this the hard way in my own business.  I had and still have money blocks, lots of them. They carried over into my business.  So because I focused on my problem, the lack of money, I always had a lack of money. I was able to manifest clients, but then my money blocks would appear because the clients wouldn’t pay or wouldn’t pay on time which would affect my cash flow.

So my job isn’t to attract clients or advertise a lot or to “work hard”, my job is to fix my money blocks. By fixing my money blocks and continuing to attract clients I will ultimately be successful.  It’s easier said than done to some degree because simply releasing things you’ve been taught your entire life takes a little bit of work but it’s worth it.  It is a path of least resistance for me and for you.  Fix the blocks, shut off the internal dialogue that’s causing you to stay stuck and begin to attract people to you that are your ideal customer, that are a fit for you and your business.

If you spend the time on yourself instead of your advertising, you can and will be successful.  un your business with the knowing that you have Universal power behind you and allow that power to help you. It’s something I’ll be working towards with my business and it’s something you should be doing too.   We can do this!  Your mantra this week:  I’ve got this!  Stay happy!