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    How Do You Know When Your Perspective is Off?

    No. There's nothing wrong with being human. The point is never perfection. We don't all need to be Zen masters. We are here to have these human experiences and feel these human things. They are completely okay. The goal is to acknowledge the crazy after the fact, and then try to find the higher perspective at that point. The more aware we are the less we respond, but that doesn't mean we're going to be perfect all the time. Even the best of us have bad days.

  • 2021,  April,  Empowerment,  Spirituality

    Find People That Support Your Journey

    There are over 7 billion people on this planet and there are over 7 billion versions of the truth on every topic imaginable. We can often find common ground. We can often find people that agree with our truth more or less, but there are still slight variations between every person out there. This is why I say frequently, that trying to gain agreement is an impossible task. If having a functioning society requires agreement among all the people within that society, we will never have a functional society. We have to find a better way.