Are You Ready to Just Be Happy?

What’s happening today is super cool! By letting go of the fear and worry around what I want, it’s brought up all this new stuff. It’s actually kind of fun to just play with these ideas, without letting anything bother me. The brain is going to do its thing and that’s okay, it’s what we do with what the brain does that matters.

The first thing that came up was this idea of realism. Realism in the realm of Universal truth is not really a thing. It’s not true. Our human version of realism is quite different from what the Universe is capable of. It’s important to recognize that because if you don’t then you start applying practical limits to whatever you’re wanting and that will stop you. It will also bring the fear and worry back pretty quickly and that’s not helpful either.

We really have to pay attention to our thoughts because the brain will naturally apply human limitations and structure to everything. But when we’re dealing with the Universe, its’ not bound by human limits. So why would I apply human limits to an unlimited universe?

Remember, everything is possible!

Because my mind went towards realism and practical limits, immediately I started questioning whether I needed to change some commitments I had made to pay some bills this week, but I stopped myself. I recognized what the mind was up to. I decided that I wanted to hold to my original commitment. I don’t want to change anything. The fun part is, I don’t have to. My only job is to stay out of worry and fear and be happy. That’s it. I don’t have to do anything more than I’m already doing. Me sitting here writing a blog, working on my course, doing my usual stuff, is perfect. That’s all I need to do. There is no other requirement from me. If I get the inspiration to create or do something I will, but until that happens I just continue to do what I’m doing. That’s it. Nothing else needs to change.

The realization that a lot of what we want doesn’t come from doing anything is a hard one to get around for people. Everybody wants to be in the practical world doing things. Yes, there is action required, we do have to navigate the practical world, but it is possible to receive a lot more by doing a lot less. What if it doesn’t have to be the struggle that we as humans like to make it into? What if it’s easier than we think it is? What if far more of it is energetic than it is action-oriented?

Doing helps with the energy. It puts the energy behind what you want to create or what you’re working on creating in the practical world. I suppose that’s why people think that doing is what makes the difference. But what if it is just about your energy? What if you don’t actually have to work that hard? What if you simply have to be able to maintain your energy when you’re not working?

This was something I ran into. The easiest way for me to maintain my energy was to work. I get in my power and I do my thing and I have confidence when I’m doing it. But the minute I would go try to do something else, I would lose my mojo. I realized the other day that me working all the time to maintain my energy wasn’t realistic. I didn’t want to be tied to needing to work. I should be able to walk away from my work and still hold my energy. It shouldn’t be all or nothing like that.

That was when I was pointed to a scenario that had played out in my life just recently that was showing me that I was letting the people around me zap my confidence. I was taking on other people’s stuff and I wasn’t aware of it. The minute I became aware of it and dropped it, it stopped. Immediately I could hold my own without needing to go to work to do it.

That relates back to the Facebook Live that I did on my page the other day, where I was talking about what happens when you have realizations like that. I didn’t let it victimize me. I didn’t make up a story about it. I didn’t even get mad. I just simply decided that it was a projection of pain, it wasn’t my stuff, and I let it go. If I hadn’t been able to do that, it would have trapped me, or I would have trapped myself. If I had victimized myself or picked a fight, I would have run aground and I wouldn’t be here right now doing this. I wouldn’t be able to. My ability to let that go right away and use it the way it was intended for me to see it is what allows me to move forward. Everything else would have kept me stuck.

We get shown things to help us, not hurt us. It’s us and our perception of things and what we do with what we learn that hurts more than the event itself most of the time. We trap ourselves in victimization, blame, and anger. Those things don’t allow you to move forward. Now suddenly you have something to heal that wasn’t there before. You were fine until the lights came on or until you had that lightbulb moment, and now suddenly you’re all in a knot and you’re not seeing what you need to see so that you can move forward. You were better off blind to what was happening when you do that to yourself. Don’t use the truth as a weapon against yourself or other people. Just let it be there. It’s only the ego that wants to defend anything and it’s unnecessary. It doesn’t solve anything. Let it go and move on.

There are lots of these little things that come up. Most of them are just about needing to get the brain on board, to understand that it doesn’t have to be doing things all the time, to know that it can be okay, that we aren’t tied to human limitations, that we don’t have to defend ourselves, and that we have magical power when we simply choose to be happy and stand in it.

Your ability to be okay is not based on your circumstances or what’s going on around you. Your ability to be okay is a choice because it’s only based on what’s happening inside of you. What’s out there really doesn’t matter at all. We make it a big deal. We think it’s important. But it’s really just entertainment and serves no purpose except to trigger you in one way or another. When you simply allow yourself to be okay, even when looking at things you don’t like, you have control over the one thing you have control over, and that’s yourself.

Creating in the external world gives you something to look at that you like and enjoy and that you want to have around. That’s important because it helps make you happy. But the truth is, it doesn’t matter how much you create in the outside world if you’re not already happy within yourself.

How many rich superstars have killed themselves for various reasons? They have everything materially they could ever want or need, but they aren’t happy within themselves and so those things don’t matter. We think money solves the problem, but it only solves the problem that screams the loudest. it doesn’t solve the other stuff that isn’t yelling at you. It’s that stuff that you have to be willing to deal with first, otherwise, the money doesn’t really solve anything. It just takes one problem and replaces it with something else. You have to be ready for what you want to create. Until you heal, you won’t be ready. Are you willing to get ready for what you want yet?

Love to all.


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