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    Your Self-Worth Is Not In Other People

    When I talk about letting other people off the hook, it's partially about blame, but there is also a degree of responsibility within that. We can only take responsibility for our own stuff. We can't force others to take responsibility for theirs. As and when we're willing to accept responsibility for our own stuff, we will begin to see relationships shift based on our new truth. Letting others off the hook removes the blame, but also forces us to take responsibility for ourselves and our behaviour. That's why it's so hard to do. It's easier to blame because it allows us to avoid taking responsibility.

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    Looking for Permission

    Many of us still need permission from something or someone outside of ourselves in order to move forward. This comes from a place of not trusting or believing in our own authority to make decisions about our own lives. To view the rest of this blog, please visit Monthly Blog Access, One-Month Private Coaching, Three-Month Private Coaching, Six-Month Private Coaching, Twelve Month Private Coaching or Yearly Blog Subscription to purchase.

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    Becoming Who I Am

    There were two things that inspired me to begin the process I've been working through for the last few years. The first was pain and heartbreak, which I've talked about in previous posts. The second was the book, "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. Those two things gave me the power and the platform to begin letting go of all the pain and trauma that were stopping me from being who I was.

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    Using Your Power With Money

    I've taken some risks over the years to be in business for myself. I've avoided taking a full-time job even when most of the world would probably tell me getting a job was a good idea because financial disaster was imminent or occurring. My credit rating is well, awful, there is no savings or retirement plan and we live pretty much paycheck to paycheck. We are that family that is a $300 problem away from homelessness. It sounds tragic, doesn't it? It's not.

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    Making Peace with Our Choices

    Sometimes we make decisions about things we know we need to do, like me letting go of all of the coaching and readings I was offering to focus on writing, but we have a hard time getting behind those decisions fully. We still kind of hang on to the side of the pool. We don't dive in fully. That's me right now.

  • 2021,  January

    Welcome to 2021!

    Happy New Year to all! I hope your new year's celebrations went well, such as they were. It's time to get on with it for 2021. There is nothing quite like starting a year with a weekend too! I will spend it removing the Christmas decorations and settling into the new year!

  • 2020,  December

    Leaving 2020 Behind

    Every year at this time, particularly in spiritual circles, we discuss leaving behind the previous year. How do we do it? Why should we do it? What if we don't do it? What happens if I don't clear it before midnight on New Year's eve?

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    Why I Still Use Tarot

    I’ve developed a relationship with my decks over time. I have full conversations with them often. As I get clear in my own life and make sense of the chaos I’ve experienced, I use it to help others. The foundation of my business now is to simply encourage others to keep going, to remind everyone of their own intrinsic power and access to higher knowing if they want it. I do that mostly through writing now, but private coaching is always an option for those that want a more intense experience.