Balancing the Feminine and the Masculine

This is a topic that has been coming up for me lately. It’s showing up in my business for sure, but also in my daily life. Every person, regardless of gender or biology, has both masculine and feminine energy. The balance of those energies determines much of how the human operates in life.

Masculine energy is very direct and blunt. Masculine energy has those leadership qualities we’re all familiar with. It wants to provide and take charge, gain control and achieve an outcome. Working within this energy has one striving to achieve, setting goals and making plans.

Feminine energy is flow. It’s emotional energy, often considered watery. It is no less powerful than its’ masculine counterpart, however it is often perceived that way because it relies heavily on intuition and creativity. Feminine energy also gets things done, but without the force, without the drive of the masculine energy.

We’ve heard a lot of talk over the years of the divine feminine energy taking over from where the masculine left off. Slowly, we’re seeing that happen around us. The shift is into a gentler, but extremely powerful energy that allows for humans to be human. Emotions are often perceived as weak, but the feminine energy allows for and encourages the emotions, the human side of the journey, to help inform the process.

On a personal note, my own balance of feminine and masculine has been coming up. My career has often been informed by masculine energy. It was how I was taught to function in my work. One of the mantra’s I used, particularly when I was working for other people, was take your work on, not in. The idea was that the more emotionally involved we are in our careers, the harder they become, especially with the crazy mix of energies that tends to be present in most workplaces. Being able to stay grounded and focused meant keeping the emotions to a dull roar. Functioning from a purely mental standpoint was helpful.

Now in my business, it’s not as helpful. I don’t need to protect my energy the same way. I’m not being influenced by a boss or co-workers. There is none of the drama that’s often present in the workplace. That mantra, which was very masculine in nature, is no longer useful or relevant, it’s actually more harmful to me than anything.

I need the flow of feminine energy. I need the creativity of the feminine energy. The more I can find my flow and stay there, the easier my business will be for me. It’s been a challenge for me to find the balance. I’ve wanted to attack my business the same way I used to attack my jobs. I wanted to keep emotion out. I wanted to stay in my head as it were. What I’ve learned over time is that I can’t do that and be successful. It doesn’t work for me.

The more I’ve honoured the flow, the easier it has gotten for me. As I’ve allowed myself to follow the inspiration that comes to me and begin to share my personal truth and my life in general, my business has begun to align with me more fully. I don’t have to push anymore, as I did for many years. I just do whatever feels right at the moment and that’s just perfect.

How is the balance of masculine and feminine for you? Have you found a balance that works for you yet?

As we move forward, finding this balance is going to be critical to being able to stay grounded. The world around us shaky right now. Grounding and balance are how we work through that and maintain our own balance in the process. It’s not easy, but it is necessary to stay sane on the road ahead.

Love to all.


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