Beliefs That Keep Us Stuck

We all have them, crazy ideas that keep us where we are. We believe we aren’t good enough, that we shouldn’t or can’t, we believe that other people won’t like it so we don’t do it, we believe that we don’t have the money, time or other resources we need to do the thing, we believe it’s hard or too complicated or will take too long or we just believe we can’t for no good reason at all.

Finding all these beliefs is a little bit of a treasure hunt. It’s like digging for gold in a whole bunch of coal. We bury our worthiness and our sense of self in a whole lot of trash and then wonder why we’re stuck, wonder why we aren’t where we think we should be. It’s not really a mystery though. We’ve stopped ourselves from moving forward.

As we go down this path of what some call “spiritual awakening”, it’s actually just a process of finding the truth of ourselves. You see the beliefs we have about ourselves and how the world works aren’t true. They never were. Often they were other people’s projections of who they were or who they thought you should be. They weren’t who you are. They weren’t who you were meant to be. They were somebody else’s idea that you took on as your own.

Often our adult lives become a process of digging ourselves out from all the crap people put on top of us. My own life has been this process. I was told I was to be a teacher, a wife and a mother. I was told I was to go to church every Sunday, sing in the choir and lead this nice little cookie-cutter life. But that wasn’t me. It denied huge chunks of who I was a person. I wanted to travel. I wanted to be free. I wanted to do things my own way. I used to think I wanted all these things, but I didn’t. I had taken on the ideas my parents had given me. Don’t get me wrong, my parents meant no harm in what they taught me, it just wasn’t who I was.

The one thing that remained true was my desire to teach. That was my own creation. My parents limited that to classroom teaching in a grade school, mostly because that is a government job with union benefits. But I knew, even as I graduated and got my teaching license, that I wasn’t going to teach little kids forever. I didn’t know what I was going to teach, but it wasn’t going to be grade school. Let’s just say I didn’t plan to do what I’m doing now but I wouldn’t trade it. I’m glad I busted out of those boxes and allowed myself to dig through the crap to find my own truth.

That’s what I’m here to encourage you to do now, find the truth and jump out of those boxes. Become who you are because the world needs that. As Abraham-Hicks says “a belief is just a thought you keep thinking”. They are changeable. You aren’t stuck with your old beliefs. When a belief comes up that keeps you from moving forward, examine it, look at it closely, figure out where it came from and what the new belief needs to be. Heal the things that are attached to it and allow yourself to move forward.

This is internal work that only you can do for yourself. I can support you. I can encourage you. I can hold space for you and help talk you through things, but ultimately, you have to do the hard work of changing things. Changing the internal leads to changing the external. But always, if you allow it, the two will come together and you’ll have a beautiful new reality you never thought was possible.

Love to all.


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