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My Story of Depression

01 Mar 2021

There are so many stories from my life that I can share with you. I want to use the blog to share some of them with you, like the one I'm going to share today. I want it to be clear upfront that I'm not sharing a sob story. I'm...

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Duelling with Duality

26 Feb 2021

It would have been easy to trap myself in my own awareness, to feel guilty even for acting on my own intuition because the appearance of that intuition in the outside world isn't so great. I've said before that hurting people is sometimes an aligned event. It happens because the...

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Is Silence Golden?

25 Feb 2021

We all do it, meaning to reply to a text or an email and then forgetting, only to remember many days or weeks later. It brings up a feeling of guilt and shame. We feel bad for not replying. Somehow somewhere in society we've been taught that not responding immediately...

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You Are Not a Victim

24 Feb 2021

Self-victimization is a form of ego protection. It's the ego and the voice in our heads, making us victims of the people and things around us in order to keep us safe. If we never get into a relationship again we don't have to worry about getting hurt. If we...

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Tarot Reading: Advice on Handling Life Changes

20 Feb 2021

It seems most of us are going through life changes of some kind right now. Since I got a new deck in the mail today and because I can, I figured we'd do a little reading and get some advice about what's coming up for all of us and maybe...

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