Burning Bridges

What are we really doing when we disconnect from something in the 3D world?

We quit the job and walk out and know for sure that we’ll never go back there again. We say we’ve burned the bridge because we can’t go back there, at least in the physical world.

But what about energetically? Are we still burning the bridge?

The short answer is no, we don’t completely burn the bridge. We do disconnect our energy somewhat from the experience but we can’t wall off the experience entirely. Here’s why.

Part of the healing process is accepting all of your experiences and all of your old versions of yourself. When we try to wall ourselves off from people or experiences, we can’t allow healing because we’re continually trying to block out the experience or person. We can’t block it out and heal it at the same time.

Healing requires acceptance. It requires us to get okay with the old version of ourselves that had that experience. It requires us to get okay with what happened. It requires us to let other people off the hook. All of that means accepting what was. To accept it means we can’t block it out. So that even if we burn the original bridge, we still rebuild a footpath for ourselves that allows us to heal from that experience.

It doesn’t mean that we go back in the physical world. It doesn’t mean we keep putting energy into that old connection. It means we grant ourselves enough access to it that we’re still able to learn from it and accept the bits and pieces of ourselves that show up because of it.

If we don’t have the footpath we can’t accept the bits and pieces because they can’t get to us. We won’t let them. Maybe we’re afraid of them or we’re afraid of recreating the experience. But that’s not what happens. Healing and accepting pieces of ourselves does not put us back in the experience. It frees us from it.

They say healing is a form of expansion. The analogy I would use is one of a field that has bridges around it that connect it to other sections. When we heal a specific field and we cross to another section, we’re not trying to block out the place we came from. We still want access to it. It gives us the ability to roam freely within our own experience, whether it’s past, present, or future. That access is what allows us to heal completely.

We go to the other sections and we look for treasures. We find bits of ourselves hidden there. We dig up buried treasure, find things we didn’t know we were missing, and fully accept that section for what it is. It doesn’t mean we go back continually. We don’t have to keep digging. We get what we came for and we leave again. We pay it no mind until it gets shown to us. But always, we’re okay with accessing it. It’s there. We’re aware of it. We’re okay with it. We don’t argue with it. We simply allow it to be present. It just is.

This is expansion. It is the awareness of all the pieces and being okay with all of them. The space we have access to grows, it doesn’t shrink. That’s what expansion means. Suddenly we have access to all of these old versions of ourselves. They don’t trigger us. They don’t bother us, even when they are reflected back to us by other people, we’re already aware of it so we’re okay with it.

Healing allows this expansion. If we keep trying to wall it off because we’re afraid of ending up back there or losing our progress, we’ll keep being shown those areas. We’ll keep being triggered by them and we’ll keep going around in circles until we’re willing to allow ourselves the freedom to access these spaces. They don’t have to suck us in. It’s not a sinkhole. it’s just a place we’ve been. It’s okay to look back at it. It’s not dangerous. It’s not a bad thing.

But what about letting it go?

Letting it go is the same as not digging in that field continuously. Letting it go just means that we stop arguing with it. We don’t become bothered by it. We pick it up only when we’re asked to and let it go the rest of the time.

But isn’t that clutter?

We’re allowing ourselves the space to spread out so things don’t pile up anymore and we can see what we have. It’s like pulling your closet apart and spreading it out all over the living room so you can see it all. Now you can make choices about it. We’re not trying to forget what happened and we’re not trying to block anything out. So that even when we’re done with it, we don’t ever fully give it away or let it go because that would imply forgetting and we’re not doing that. Full acceptance is letting it go because now you know it’s there and it’s not in your way anymore. It has a permanent home now, but you will always have access to it.

The Universe is trying to open you up, not close you off. Stop closing off past experiences. Stop trying to block them out. Just accept them as what they are. You learned from them, that was the point. it’s okay to go back and look at your old notes. It’s okay to go back and visit your old teacher. It’s okay to access these spaces in your life. They can be helpful to you. Full healing requires you to be okay with them and be willing to visit them when you need to.

Love to all.


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