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    Freeing Myself

    It's been an interesting and eventful weekend. Life went from not moving at all to warp speed in a matter of minutes. It is still amazing how that tends to happen. There is nothing quite like hitting the gas pedal as hard as you can and flying off the starting line. I guess now I should fill all of you in on what's been happening.

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    New Moon in Aries Tarot Messages

    I'm a little slow this time around. We've had a ton going on and I'll be writing about that in another blog. For now though, it's time to get some New Moon messages out. This moon is providing quite a shake up for a lot of people, myself included. If you've been preparing for or expecting change, you're probably getting it right now. Take care of yourself as you go through these changes. It's important to continue to honour our own needs, even as the world spins around us.

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    Is Taking Your Ex Back a Good Idea?

    We can only see things from our own level of perception. What that means is that we're usually missing something. We can't feel what others feel all the time. We don't know every tiny little detail of the situation. Our judgement will always be skewed in one direction or the other based on our own experience. There is nothing wrong with that. Guiding other people using that judgment means we can limit the experience of another and unintentionally hurt them.

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    The Plates are Falling

    Most of us are as stable as broken rocking chairs. There is nothing wrong with that. It's possible to sit in a broken rocking chair and retain our sense of balance. It's not about whether or not the rocking chair is broken or fixable, it's about how we choose to see it. How do you see the chair you're on right now? Is it broken? Is it better than having no chair? Do you want a new chair?

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    How Do You Know When Your Perspective is Off?

    No. There's nothing wrong with being human. The point is never perfection. We don't all need to be Zen masters. We are here to have these human experiences and feel these human things. They are completely okay. The goal is to acknowledge the crazy after the fact, and then try to find the higher perspective at that point. The more aware we are the less we respond, but that doesn't mean we're going to be perfect all the time. Even the best of us have bad days. To access this post, please purchase a subscription

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    Find People That Support Your Journey

    There are over 7 billion people on this planet and there are over 7 billion versions of the truth on every topic imaginable. We can often find common ground. We can often find people that agree with our truth more or less, but there are still slight variations between every person out there. This is why I say frequently, that trying to gain agreement is an impossible task. If having a functioning society requires agreement among all the people within that society, we will never have a functional society. We have to find a better way.

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    Pain Is a Teacher

    It is said that pain in life is mostly optional, and that's true. Much of the pain that we experience in our lives is self-created. It's our own perception of things that usually gets us into trouble, not the actual circumstance or event. That's not to say that people don't experience major trauma in their lives, because they do, it's only that many of our day-to-day experiences create unnecessary pain. That's what we're here to talk about, the unnecessary pain we put ourselves through in order to learn or understand something.

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    Self-Care is Not Selfish

    Usually, self-care comes after the kids are in bed, the chores are done, all the emails/phone calls/texts have been answered, everybody else is happy and the house is clean. Then maybe, just maybe we might get in a bath or 5-minutes alone before we crash. I hate to tell you this, but that's not self-care. That's putting everybody else before ourselves. It's not okay.

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    Is Karma Really a Bitch?

    Most people see karma as the thing that happens to somebody when they do something wrong. It's calling somebody names and then slamming your fingers in the car door. When people think karma, this is generally how it's viewed but this is only one side of the story. Karma isn't just retribution for bad things, it's also payment for doing good as well. It's helping somebody move and then getting flowers delivered from a friend.