• 2021,  February,  Relationships,  Spirituality,  Truth

    Duelling with Duality

    It would have been easy to trap myself in my own awareness, to feel guilty even for acting on my own intuition because the appearance of that intuition in the outside world isn't so great. I've said before that hurting people is sometimes an aligned event. It happens because the Universe puts people in our path to help us achieve our goals. Sometimes those people get put there to get hurt, not because the Universe wants to hurt them, but because they need that pain for their own growth and you're just providing it.

  • 2021,  February,  Spirituality,  Truth

    Is Silence Golden?

    We all do it, meaning to reply to a text or an email and then forgetting, only to remember many days or weeks later. It brings up a feeling of guilt and shame. We feel bad for not replying. Somehow somewhere in society we've been taught that not responding immediately is bad. But it is?

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    You Are Not a Victim

    Self-victimization is a form of ego protection. It's the ego and the voice in our heads, making us victims of the people and things around us in order to keep us safe. If we never get into a relationship again we don't have to worry about getting hurt. If we never get off the couch we can't stub our toe again. If we just stop talking to everybody, nobody can disappoint us anymore. There is safety in walling ourselves off from life, or at least that's how the ego would like us to see it. But we know that this isn't realistic. We can't live life like that. So what do we do? To access this post, please purchase a subscription

  • 2021,  February,  Paid Blog,  Relationships,  Spirituality

    Love Changes Everything

    If you've never had a love relationship flip your entire world, your perspective, your thoughts and beliefs on their heads, while it can be painful, I hope you experience it because it is one of the most profound experiences of my life. To access this post, please purchase a subscription

  • 2021,  February,  Opinion

    Happy About the Death of Rush Limbaugh?

    Rush Limbaugh died today of lung cancer at age 70. Like or dislike, agree or disagree, he was a human being with family and friends that loved him. Those people are in pain right now. They are mourning the loss of their husband, father, and friend. Anybody that has ever lost anybody knows what that pain feels like. Now imagine feeling that while the people around you celebrate.

  • 2021,  February,  Paid Blog

    Seeing Trauma That Isn’t There

    This happens all the time in life. We look at a situation and it reminds us of some trauma that we’ve experienced in our own life. Because of that tiny little reminder, we immediately assume certain things about the situation that may not be true. At it’s most basic level, this is just perception in action. This is the proof that our perception colors how we see things. If there is something about a situation that is triggering for us, we will see that situation a certain way because of that trigger. If we’re not triggered by that situation, we’re sometimes able to see things a little more clearly, which makes our perception quite different from the one that was triggered. This is how we see trauma that isn’t there. No matter how benign that trigger on its’ own may have been, we immediately see red and it stops us in our tracks. We can run from everything this way because that trigger creates the fight or flight response and we choose to fly. This can become quite a difficult pattern to break. It’s even harder to see for the person in the pattern. Recognizing that we’re being triggered by the people and things around us to such a degree that it becomes unhealthy, takes a lot of self-awareness. Getting out of this pattern means first recognizing it’s there, and then second, stopping ourselves long enough to take a second look at things. Is my perspective correct right now? Is...…

  • 2021,  February,  Tarot

    Valentine’s Day Love Reading

    It is the day of love and I thought it might be fun to do a love reading. It's not something I normally do intentionally. Anyway, this reading is for anybody, whether you're looking for love, already taken or anywhere in the middle. Take this however it resonates with you and enjoy the holiday!