• 2021,  January,  Spirituality

    Mirror Mirror

    If we use our entire lives as a mirror we'll be frustrated fast. Not every car that cuts you off on your way to work is a mirror. Not every rude person in the grocery store is a mirror. Sometimes stuff just happens, it's not necessarily a reflection of us at the time, it's just a thing that happened.

  • 2021,  Healing,  January,  Paid Blog,  Spirituality

    What Happens When We Plateau?

    Sometimes on the spiritual path we talk about the idea of plateauing. We reach a level or a place on our path and we seem to stay there for a while. It's not a bad thing, we just hang out. Sometimes it makes us wonder what's going on and sometimes it makes us think we're getting lazy or we're not doing enough, but none of those things are true. To access this post, please purchase a subscription

  • 2021,  Change,  January,  Spirituality

    Free Yourself

    Humans love to avoid change. We make all kinds of excuses about why we need to stay where we are, why we can't change, why it's too hard, and why we shouldn't have to keep changing. The simple truth is this; You will not be happy and you will be stuck in your current situation until you make a firm decision to change it.

  • 2021,  January,  Paid Blog,  Spirituality,  Trust

    What are Trust Issues?

    Expectations are judgements we have about other people to do or not do something based on what we believe about them in that moment. Expectations frequently get broken in the human experience because people are not perfect beings. They simply can't, nor should they be expected to, live up to some high expectations we might have of them. The higher our expectations, often the more likely we are to be hurt by those around us. To access this post, please purchase a subscription

  • 2021,  Creative Work,  January

    I Used to Write Poetry

    I used to be creative. I used to write poetry and short stories instead of non-fiction. I used to write just for fun with no purpose at all. Then I became an adult and decided productivity was more important and I stopped writing. I stopped reading fiction books. I stopped doing anything that wasn't what I considered purposeful, entertainment wasn't good enough anymore.