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    Empowering Myself

    I grew up being taught that life needed to look right. Happiness wasn't even on the radar. It was all about appearances. As long as there is a white picket fence, a couple of kids, and a car in the driveway, you're doing good. Stay under the radar. Don't make a scene. Don't give anybody a reason to even look at you funny. Just slide through life and don't get scratched. You'll be miserable but you won't have a scratch on you. That's all that matters. I tried that. I honestly tried that. I drove that narrow, miserable little path like I was drunk. I couldn't do it. It wasn't me. It wasn't who I was and it wasn't who I was meant to be.

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    The Risk of Shifting My Business Model

    To show up in the world as somebody that encourages others to move forward, it's even more important that I take the risks, do the work, and walk my own talk. That's what I'm doing. It can be terrifying. The stories the mind wants to make up are many. The desire to go back to the safety of the comfort zone is real. None of those things are more important than my ability to create the life that I want my way. If I have to deal with some struggle in order to get there, so be it. Encouraging you to do it, forces me to do it and that is a huge motivation for me.

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    New Moon Eclipse in Gemini Tarot Messages

    Look Around You and the Hanged Man are the same messages. The Hanged Man's job is to look around him and see things from a different perspective. That's exactly why he's hanging upside down from a tree. It gives him a new angle to look at things from. Sometimes we get stuck in our own train of thought, our own way of viewing the world. But that way isn't always right and it's not always the best way to see things. Start looking around, question what you think you see. You may find a different angle that makes much more sense and is easier to deal with.

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    Positivity Isn’t The Problem

    Allowing yourself the opportunity to take each step as you come to it is the real goal. As you're able to stop objecting to where you are, and simply learn to be okay, the positivity actually comes on its own. There's nothing to do. You're okay because you're okay. Nothing needs to change. You don't need to fix anything. You're just okay. You are where you are and that's good enough.

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    The Great Encourager

    I can't give you confidence. I can show you how I got mine and I can encourage you to go find your own. I can't give you stability, I can only encourage you to trust that it's within you. I can give you permission, although it's better if you give it to yourself and I will encourage you to do that as well. There is no course, no book, no blog or video where I can magically hand you confidence in a downloadable file and tell you this is all you need. That doesn't exist. What I can do is give you what I didn't have, somebody to simply say "Go do the thing, you're going to be fine.".