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    Happiness is Too Much Work

    Many of us, whether we want to admit it or not, are miserable in our lives, or at least we aren't as happy as we could be. We seem to, as a collective, have accepted a certain level of unhappiness in our lives. We justify the unhappiness with phrases like, "You can't be happy all the time.". But this is more than just having a bad 5-minutes. This is years of being in relationships that haven't been happy for years but we stay because the priority is longevity and loyalty. We accept that if we're married for 20 years at least 10 of those years will be miserable because that's the way life is. We accept the miserable job because the bills need to be paid. We accept the house we don't like and the broken car because the miserable job doesn't pay us enough to allow us to get new stuff.

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    Your Choices Have Power

    When you make choices, you send an energetic wave out into the Universe. It doesn't matter how big or small that choice is, the energetic wave is the same. That is powerful energy that you, as a human being, are projecting out into the world. What you do with that energy in terms of how you feel about the choice that you made, makes a big difference to what happens as a result of that choice.

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    Mental Health and Spirituality

    I've attempted to take my own life 3 times over the years, starting back when I was a teenager. Two of those attempts left me in the hospital. One of those attempts put me in the psychiatric unit for a while. I was clinically depressed at 12 years old. I fought that battle all through my teenage years until I was 20 or 21 and the roller coaster of pain stopped. I've had to battle it here and there over the years since then when things happened that I didn't necessarily have the skills to handle at the time.

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    What If?

    This is a question I ask a lot lately. What if things could be easier? What if I didn't have to worry about anything? What if I am okay just as I am? What if we're already whole? What if? To access this post, please purchase a subscription