Boundaries and the Illusion of Separation

The fourth dimensional timeline includes the separation and boundaries experienced in the third dimension. This is still necessary here because people are still learning about judgement and the illusion of separation. They are also still healing their wounds and traumas that create the need for judgement and separation.

It is not until we get to the fifth dimension and finish the healing work, that we actually remove the need for boundaries and integrate the idea that there is no separation. Everybody in 4D will get to here by the way, in their own time and space.

It’s easy to judge people as they request boundaries or separation. But when we do that, we too are coming from a place of ego. If we are judging somebody else’s judgement, we’re just mirroring their behaviour.

Releasing judgement takes practice. It’s not something that happens overnight. As we heal our own traumas and release our opinions and judgement of things, the ego will want to replace those opinions with new ones to fill the perceived hole. The trick is to fill the space with love, not more opinions.

The journey of the 4D path is a long one. It’s the space where we recognize and heal our traumas, call ourselves on our own stuff and learn to love everybody where they are at. We can’t bring all this stuff to 5D, so the 4D path is one of shedding all of the baggage. It’s only once we lose all the baggage that we can transition to 5D.