Laura Bungarz: The Clarity Coach

Finding meaning and clarity in the chaos is one of the hardest things we have to do in our human lives.

Life happens and often it feels very out of control. We ask ourselves who created this mess? How did we get here? Why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this?

The truth is, anything that happens in your life is for you and because of you. It doesn’t matter how good or bad it seems to be in the moment, any situation you find yourself in is designed to help you grow. So step one in the process is simply acknowledging that you’ve created the space you’re now in.

Step two is getting okay with what’s going on. I’m not talking about liking what’s happening. I’m talking about simple acceptance of what is without resistance. Resisting what is just causes you to push against it. You get no where. It’s like trying to push a brick wall out of the way. Accepting what is allows you to find answers you can’t see when looking directly at the problem.

Step three, find and acknowledge the story you’ve told yourself about what’s going on. There is always a story that the mind makes up to explain what’s happening. It’s either a blame story around how this is somebody else’s fault or it’s a story wrapped in fear of what may happen later or has already happened. Either way, there’s a story. Now, let it go. Skip the story. Congratulate your imagination for how creative it is and drop it. You can write your own fiction novel later.

Step four, start looking for what’s actually happening. Is this really about whatever is happening on the surface? Probably not. The surface stuff just is. If you can find the deeper meaning though, and work with that, the surface stuff just solves itself with very little effort. The problem is we get so caught up in the surface drama that we forget to look at what brought it on. It’s like a doctor focusing on the cuts and scrapes and not checking for broken bones, meanwhile the bone is in 2 or 3 different pieces. A band-aid and a few stitches won’t fix the bone. We have to be willing to go below the surface. That’s where the real problem is.

Step five, take the action you need to take. What comfort zone are you being pushed out of? Are you being asked to leave your job? Start a business? Move? End a relationship? What’s the thing that you’re not doing yet? This is where the clarity comes in. It’s the recognition of why you got to this place. You’re here because there is something you were avoiding and the Universe is giving you a whack over the head with it and putting you in a place where you can no longer avoid it. Don’t worry, it happens to everybody. Why do you think I’m writing this? 🙂

It’s only through getting okay with what’s happening and looking for deeper meanings by ignoring the fairy tale your brain makes up, that you can truly find the clarity you’re looking for.

If you need some help with that, I can do that too. Tell me what you’ve gotten yourself into and lets talk about what might be under that. I’ll pull some tarot cards and we’ll figure out what the Universe is really trying to tell you. Chances are, we’ll find the answer. You may not like it, but we’ll find it.