• 2021,  February,  Opinion

    Happy About the Death of Rush Limbaugh?

    Rush Limbaugh died today of lung cancer at age 70. Like or dislike, agree or disagree, he was a human being with family and friends that loved him. Those people are in pain right now. They are mourning the loss of their husband, father, and friend. Anybody that has ever lost anybody knows what that pain feels like. Now imagine feeling that while the people around you celebrate.

  • 2020,  November,  Opinion

    Opinion: The World As I See It

    I'm not asking you to agree with me. You can choose whichever reality you would like. I'm putting my viewpoint out here for those that are interested in it. If it doesn't jive with you, that's fine. Simply close the tab in your browser and move on. No harm done.