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    The Invisible Cage

    The saying goes that happiness is an inside job. What does that mean? Regardless of what's going on around us we have the power to be happy in the moment. That isn't necessarily an easy thing to do, but the recognition of the possibility of it is an important first step.

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    Creating a New Life

    There is a saying in spiritual circles that "You are only one decision away from a new life". This is true, but it's not nearly as instant as this makes it seem. The trick to creating that new life is staying with your original decision. You can decide to believe in yourself, you can even do that one minute to the next if you allow it, but it can take time for the results of that decision to show up. In that time, fear, anxiety, and worry also have a tendency to show up.

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    Free Yourself

    Humans love to avoid change. We make all kinds of excuses about why we need to stay where we are, why we can't change, why it's too hard, and why we shouldn't have to keep changing. The simple truth is this; You will not be happy and you will be stuck in your current situation until you make a firm decision to change it.