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    Your Self-Worth Is Not In Other People

    When I talk about letting other people off the hook, it's partially about blame, but there is also a degree of responsibility within that. We can only take responsibility for our own stuff. We can't force others to take responsibility for theirs. As and when we're willing to accept responsibility for our own stuff, we will begin to see relationships shift based on our new truth. Letting others off the hook removes the blame, but also forces us to take responsibility for ourselves and our behaviour. That's why it's so hard to do. It's easier to blame because it allows us to avoid taking responsibility.

  • 2021,  Empowerment,  January

    Making Peace with Our Choices

    Sometimes we make decisions about things we know we need to do, like me letting go of all of the coaching and readings I was offering to focus on writing, but we have a hard time getting behind those decisions fully. We still kind of hang on to the side of the pool. We don't dive in fully. That's me right now.

  • 2020,  December,  Empowerment

    Figuring Things Out on The Fly

    I've wanted to teach since I was 5-years old. I can remember hating my Kindergarten teacher because she had us do the same things every single day. It was the most boring Kindergarten class ever. To be fair to her, she was pregnant that year and I don't think she was feeling the greatest as a result. It was definitely a survival thing for her until she go on leave. Now, as an adult, I feel bad for her. I've done that and it sucks! But, I also thank her now too because she, inadvertently made me a better teacher years later.