Change in Disguise

It used to be that I would get a phone call like I got this afternoon and panic about the bill. Oh no! I only have 2 days to get it paid or the Internet gets shut off! Whatever! It’s not about the dang bill! It doesn’t matter. It’ll get paid.

I used to be in fear. It used to terrify me when that would happen. Now I’m sitting here and there is zero fear. As a matter of fact, I don’t even care about the bill. It’s not even about that. It’s about creating change now. It’s about finally allowing the new cycle to be visible in my reality instead of just the intuitive knowing that it’s changed. It’s that moment where it goes from being an internal change to an external change.

How do we do that? How does that happen?

You wait for your intuition, you stay out of fear, and you follow the guidance. You trust that you’re doing the right thing at the right time. You trust that it will work out. You trust yourself to be okay no matter what happens.

I did what I always do when things happen in my life, I grabbed my cards. Trust that it will work out. Go towards what you want. The offer was to pay a certain amount today and we’ll waive the remainder. Cool! I can do that! Thanks, Universe, that’s the change I was after. It was handed to me disguised as stress and fear of disconnection.

But that’s how it comes in sometimes. Those offers of change often come in disguised in the old costume. But when we recognize what they are meant for, we don’t have to be tricked by the costume anymore. We have the opportunity to respond differently to something that looks and feels familiar to us.

I could complain that it was the old cycle showing up or I can recognize the costume and see the disguise for what it is and do something differently. This is how we break cycles. This is how we allow a change to happen. If you’re in a cycle and it doesn’t matter what it is and you want to break it, you have to respond differently to it when it shows up. If you don’t, you perpetuate the cycle. If you don’t it happens again.

Truthfully it hasn’t happened at all in a while. I’ve had a little break in the action. I haven’t had this kind of adventure in quite a few months. But here we are. I caught the disguise, I changed my response, and now I let it work out the way it’s going to. It’ll be fine.

Today, I did a few things, but I got caught in my stuff again a little bit. That’s okay. It happens. That’s part of the reason why I posted about motivation and momentum. It’s because the energy behind the action is more important than the action itself. There is no point in grinding or efforting. Get the energy lined up before doing anything. It’ll be far more successful that way. So I’ve learned when I don’t feel it quite the way I want to, to back off a bit and figure out the energy first. There’s nothing wrong with that.

I think I said in the post too, that we have to watch because that can quickly get us into trouble if we’re not paying attention. One day is not the end of the world. But if I’m still doing this next week, it’s probably something I need to deal with and that’s the point. Pay attention. Is it something that happens here or there or is it something that happens daily that’s preventing you from doing what you need to do?

That idea of energy applies to the bills too. When you’re trying to get things paid or manifest money, it’s all about the energy. Are you efforting or struggling or are you trusting and allowing? That’s where you want to dig in because that’s where the answers are. The answers aren’t in your effort. The answers are in your ability to trust and go along with your intuition.

So, as usual now, when things happen, I write a blog. This is something that I wouldn’t have done before. This is not my usual response to this kind of trigger in the outside world. I would have been too busy trying to come up with a way to make the money. But that’s not what I’m doing. I wrote a blog. I’m going to figure out what’s for dinner and I’m going to trust that this will work out the way it is meant to!

Love to all.


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