Coming Full-Circle

I experienced a full-circle moment the other day and I wanted to share it with you (as I do just about everything else!).

Back in the day when I taught computers for a living, I offered a lot of gated content, meaning that most of my knowledge people had to pay to access. I didn’t share a lot of what I knew on social media because I was afraid that nobody would need to work with me if my knowledge was all free and they could just do it themselves. It actually made it difficult for me to post on social media because I didn’t want to share what I knew.

Currently, everything I know and teach is free. Other than books that I don’t charge a lot for, the only thing I really charge for is my time. Truthfully, if all you did was read my blogs and social media posts or listened to my podcast, you wouldn’t need to buy the books either. Here’s where the full-circle moment comes in though because now that I share everything for free, I found myself wondering what I would sell. I don’t want to gate my content anymore, but that leaves me limited in terms of what I can make to sell, at least until I become a best-selling author that is!

I found that whole little conundrum fascinating. It was a complete mirror image of the problem that I had years ago in my computer business, but it also doesn’t bother me. I used to stay up nights wondering what to do with my social media channels. I used to freak out about where the line between what I share and what is paid for should be. It used to be a really stressful thing. Now, today, I don’t care. It’ll sort itself out. I’ll get some crazy idea and I’ll do it and it’ll work or it won’t and it doesn’t even matter.

My reaction to the same problem was also the polar opposite. I recognized it and that was it. Without turning this into an ego trip, the amount of work I had to do to get there is astounding. There were a lot of crazy ideas that I had to let go of to be able to put my work out there for free and not worry about what the paid content would be.

I look around now and I still see a ton of the old model. People have very defined lines between what they charge for and what they share on social media. It’s like they sat down and wrote out all the concepts they talk about and then divided them into 2 columns, one for social media and one for paid content. When I tried to do that in my computer business I found it really limiting. My whole job was to teach people how to use a computer so if the how was all paid content, then what was free? There was nothing else because everything I did was about the how. If I were to go back and do it again, I’d do what I’m doing now. I’d share completely freely and simply charge for my time. The truth is, it would probably work a heck of a lot better than it did! It would be far less stressful, too.

What’s the point of this little blog?

Well, I could give you business advice but I’ll spare you. The point is the recognition of the difference in my response to a similar problem. If you can do that for yourself, it allows you to see how far you’ve come and what a difference that journey has made in your life. Those little things pop up to show you the difference in your own responses and reactions to things and this is why. It allows you to have a moment where you pat yourself on the back, recognize the work that you’ve done, and be proud of yourself for 5-minutes.

Taking that time to stop and reflect is so important because it can feel like you’re constantly spinning your wheels, especially if your external reality hasn’t changed a whole lot yet. But you’re not stuck. You’re moving forward. These little moments are validation of that movement. Take them for what they are worth. There is no problem for me to solve, but there is some recognition to be had. It’s a really cool little full-circle moment with a very different response from me.

Watch for them in your own lives. They will happen and they have value.

Love to all.


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