Commit to The Shift Before It Happens

Here’s the scenario. Reality will shift but it is delayed because reality always drags behind. You know it’s shifting and you want to commit to things based on the shift, but you’re not sure when reality will finally decide to catch up. Now what?

That’s the place I’m in right now. I’m committing to things rather blindly not really knowing when my reality will unlock itself. I’m having to convince my human self that it’s okay to do this, that we’re not lying, and that as long as I continue to work with these commitments based on the idea that I know things will shift, it will be fine. I have to commit to the shift before it happens. That’s hard.

How do I sit in that energy? What does that look like?

Trusting my intuition has been one of the things that I’ve had to work with. I’m revisiting this space temporarily to look at this stuff because I’m not bogged down in the fear that I was in the last time I saw this space. I’m able to look around me this time and actually notice the scenery. What’s different?

There’s no fear at all. That’s gone. Go me!

My human self is still very much tied to reality though. “It hasn’t changed. I have no way of knowing when or if it will change. I could do this for a long time. I don’t really want to be here. How do I get out of this?”

That’s not fear it’s problem-solving, but the mind has no way to do that. I can’t actually solve the problem on my own. I need the Universe’s help. I need my reality to shift and then it will resolve. The mind is doing what it does and what it’s supposed to do. It’s not actually doing anything wrong, but that story of “I can’t fix it so that means it won’t change”, isn’t true. That’s the part we have to get around.

It’s hard to convince the logical mind to play with the intuition that’s telling a completely different story. The mind wants to be logical. The intuition says “just trust me”. I basically just have to tell my mind to sit back and watch. “Stop trying to problem solve. Let’s sit in this for a while. There’s nothing happening so there’s no reason to panic to try to get out of here. Yes, we’ve been here before, but no it’s not the same and it is temporary. This will change.”

Does that work?

Yes. It shuts the mind down for a bit. The problem-solving becomes fear if the mind can’t solve the problem and it doesn’t get an answer. So by telling it there is nothing happening and it’s fine to just hang out, it’s satisfied with that. It’ll play along for a bit. I’ve quelled the mind and it’s given me some time to work with things. Did I kick the can down the road a little bit? Maybe, but that’s okay. The mind wants to help and when it’s not helpful we just have to appease it a little bit. The mind will understand later on. There is nothing to heal. I’m just simply telling the logical mind to go away.

What else is different?

I’m not just avoiding and ignoring. I couldn’t keep my commitment and instead of just ignoring it and waiting for the phone to ring next week, I called them and left a message. That’s a switch!

But that’s part of the shift. One of the ways we can shift reality is by responding differently to the same situations. It’s hard to start responding differently to things that have triggered the crap out of you for years, but that’s the work. Figure out how to respond to it differently so that it will change.

Now, I have a little bit of an advantage. I spent at least 6-months pretty much just ignoring everything. I did nothing for a long time, which means it doesn’t trigger me anymore. I resolved the trigger by doing nothing. It’s a warped way to come at it, but it worked for me. Because I’m not triggered and I’m aware of myself in this space right now and actively looking around, I’m able to decide how to respond.

Kind of like Valentine’s Day, I knew this was coming. It’s not a surprise. I’m meant to be in this at the moment and look at it so that I can understand it with my new level of awareness and without the fear. That allows me to do things like write this blog and share with you how to navigate your reality when you know it’s shifting but it hasn’t yet. You do have to commit to the shift before it happens. That’s what I’m doing right now.

What about the powerlessness?

I’m not fighting with that. I’m keeping control of my mind and that will keep a lid on the other stuff. We don’t need to go there and there is nothing to heal. The job is to stay out of that pool of muck by keeping control of the thoughts and trusting my intuition. If I run up against something that actively needs healing or acceptance, I’ll do it and share it when I do. But for now, we’re just walking around the pool of powerlessness because it doesn’t do anything for me to dive in and look around. You don’t need to look through the box of junk! There is nothing new in there.

This is what paying attention and using awareness looks like. I woke up this morning knowing I was in a new space. I wanted to look around. I’m actively checking in with myself right now and sharing the process as I do. I’m showing you how to do the same thing for yourself. When you know you’re in a new space, pay attention. What’s the same? What’s different? What’s trying to get your attention? What’s helpful and what’s not? Then make conscious choices for yourself that allow you to be okay.

The old story will yell and scream to try to get your attention. You don’t have to do that. You can make a new choice and respond differently. The real trick is not to go looking for trouble. Everybody always wants to heal. There is no deep healing to do when you get to a space like this. You’re visiting. Just look around, don’t unpack, and live there. That’s why I’m actively looking around because that’s what I’m meant to do.

Awareness has given me the ability to navigate this easily and quickly. Is my human self annoyed? Yeah, but whatever. It’ll be fine and my human self will get over it. hahaha There is no major work to do here. I’ll deal with what shows up and that’s it. I’m not going to look for trouble, I’m not going to dive into the old story, and I’m not staying here. I’ve committed to the shift and that means that this too shall pass because that’s how this whole thing works.

Love to all.


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