Creating a New Life

There is a saying in spiritual circles that “You are only one decision away from a new life”. This is true, but it’s not nearly as instant as this makes it seem.

The trick to creating that new life is staying with your original decision. You can decide to believe in yourself, you can even do that one minute to the next if you allow it, but it can take time for the results of that decision to show up. In that time, fear, anxiety, and worry also have a tendency to show up.

As a general rule, the Universe does jump up to meet you when you do something positive for yourself. I’ve certainly experienced that in my own life, where the manifestation was nearly instant. This is possible for anybody, we just have to believe that this is the case. Some of the time delays in our manifestations are directly related to how long we think something should take. While we wait, we have to be able to maintain the shift. That’s where the work is.

I’ve been working lately on this idea of balancing the masculine and the feminine to create more flow in my life and allow the feminine to take over control. It’s taking a bit for that new energy to show itself in my life. I can see it in my actions, even just today, but I know that I have to stick with it for a while to see the full effect of that shift. It’s requiring me to consistently re-decide that this is where I’m going to hang out energetically from now on.

It’s one thing to make a decision, it’s another to stick with it and allow it to show up in our lives. Change is hard and the mind doesn’t like it a whole lot. So, often what happens is we backtrack, we undecide, we get afraid of our choices, and we move away from the decision. We go back to the energy we’re familiar with. That’s human nature. We all do those things.

Once we make a decision we have to keep re-deciding, daily, hourly, minute to minute if need be, in order to make it stick. New choices are like new habits, they take time to integrate fully. It’s wonderful to step into new energy, it’s a whole other thing to maintain it. That’s where the challenge is.

My point here is to keep going. Make that decision and re-decide it as often as you need to until it sticks. Don’t be too hard on yourself for needing to re-decide. You’re human. This stuff takes time and there is nothing wrong with that. Allow yourself the time you need to integrate the new energy fully and get okay with what you’re trying to achieve.

As the saying goes, “If it was easy everybody would do it”, not everybody does it because it’s not easy. We all have the power, it’s only a question of whether we choose to use it or not.

Love to all.


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