Dreams Come True

If you’ve been around me for a while, you’ll know I’ve published a bunch of stuff over the last few years. This actually started in my computer business, when I was writing little guides and manuals to help people learn to use their computers. I still write books and guides, but now they are designed to help people get unstuck and move forward or empower themselves through healing.

Most of those books I gave away for free. The majority of them ended up on the freebie bestseller lists on Amazon, but I never made a dime on them. I gave them away because I was sabotaging myself. I didn’t value my own work. Because I didn’t value myself or my work, why would anybody else? It was part of the money story that I’ve told about not having enough. The truth is it came back to not being enough within myself.

With my latest book, The Emotional Truth, I put it out there at $2.99 USD, which felt right. I didn’t put it on sale. I definitely didn’t give away for free. I simply allowed it to do what it was going to do. If I only sold 3 copies, then so be it. I wanted to see what would happen if I simply put my stuff out there, was proud of what I had done, and didn’t discount my work. I’m not retiring anytime soon, but I’ve made more on this book than all my other books combined. It didn’t make the bestseller list but people actually paid for it and that means more than the freebie bestseller list ever did before. Something I didn’t expect also happened. Some of my older books started selling a few copies. When I started valuing my new work, my older work also increased in value.

Making this shift in my story wasn’t easy. I had to get okay with where I was. I had to get okay with having fewer copies distributed but actually make a little bit of money. For a while part of the story was that I was more worried about the size of the audience than I was about the money because I believed that a big audience would automatically lead to money. That’s not true.

At one point in my computer business, I had a Facebook group with a couple thousand people in it. I tried to monetize it and sell stuff in that group the same way I did in my last group, but I couldn’t. Nobody bought anything ever. I was so busy giving everything away for free from a really triggered place, that I had collected a whole bunch of people around me who only cared about what I was giving away.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still give away huge amounts of content for free. Honestly, I don’t hold anything back anymore. I can remember spending hours trying to find a line between paid content and free content in my computer business. Now, everything that’s in my books has been posted in a blog somewhere, talked about in a video, or posted on Facebook. There is no content that I don’t share freely. There is no conscious line between what I sell and what I offer freely. The difference right now is that I don’t do any of it from a triggered place. I want you to have this stuff. I want you to be able to heal. I don’t want money to be the barrier for you to be able to do the work for yourself if you want to. The difference is the energy behind it.

I wrote this book because I enjoy writing and I wanted to share a lot of things with you. There are at least another dozen book topics that came up while I was writing this one. I’ve already started the next book for 2022. While I do that, I continue to share, give the content away, talk about what I’m writing about, offer more and more opportunities for you to heal, to grow, to learn, to be okay within yourself, and to free yourself and change your life if that’s what you wish to do.

When my goals were about money and the size of my audience I struggled, I always struggled. When my goal was simply to do what I enjoyed and live life my own way, there was no struggle anymore. Sharing freely freed me to just do what I wanted to do. That’s why the one-to-one’s are ending. It’s not that I don’t love helping people directly, I just have a bigger vision for how that looks through conferences and public speaking. The model is one-to-many and one-to-one’s don’t fit that. That’s the same reason why I started the video/podcast thing, to reach more people freely and easily in a way that more closely mirrors what I want to do.

I dropped a lot of paid content through subscription blogs and things because I wanted to share freely. I dropped the one-to-one appointment model because it didn’t match what I wanted to do. I wrote a book that people are actually buying, which is exactly what I wanted to do. I started a free podcast/video series because I wanted to get into public speaking. I set up monthly subscription based courses to create a course catalogue that people can access for not a lot of money. I created my community away from Facebook so I can stop depending so much on social media. I’m allowing the model of my business to reflect what I want without doing anything that I don’t want. I’ve created a business model that reflects the vision that I have for my work.

The old models were always based on fear. They were based on fear of lack, fear of not making money, fear of not being supported. As I’ve continued to remove the fear and simply allowed my business model to be what I want it to be, I find support I didn’t know existed. Things happen that I don’t expect. Stuff comes out of nowhere. That’s because when you find that place of allowing, it leaves the door open for more to show up. When you work from fear, you’re trying to control what’s coming in and that doesn’t work because it doesn’t allow anything to come in that isn’t what you think it should be.

The business model that will be in place after Friday this week is exactly what I’ve wanted to create, but was too afraid to do, for a very long time. This wasn’t easy, it has been a hell of a journey, and the path is still going. I’m looking forward to what comes through, what the next thing is, and how I can best support you in your own journey. I’m still a student and I’m always a teacher. It’s a strange balance that I’ve had to find, but it works brilliantly. I’m so glad I got here. I made my dream happen without changing anything in my outside world, without fixing anything except myself. Thanks for coming along with me and supporting this crazy dream that I have.

Love to all.


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