Empowerment Private Coaching

Why Private Coaching?

As the saying goes, even a doctor will eventually need another doctor. As good as we might feel, as successful as we may be, eventually we will need some outside help to push us along. That’s what this is about.

Empowerment coaching is about showing others where they may be holding themselves back and giving them the power they need to push through and overcome those obstacles. 

We put these obstacles in our own way most of the time. We create our own challenges through our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions or lack of actions. There is nothing really stopping us except us. The challenge is to get out of own way and to stop throwing stuff in our own path. 

My job as an empowerment coach is to help you identify where you’re doing that and give you solutions for for it so that you can move forward successfully!

My Story

Laura Bungarz

Laura Bungarz

Hi, I'm Laura! Thanks for checking out my private coaching! I officially "woke up" about 5 or 6 years ago and quickly realized that I'd been accessing many of the gifts I use now for most of my life. 
My journey to Empowerment Coaching came about because I've had to empower myself over the years. Like so many others on this path I've been bullied, teased and held down by those around me. I'm not a victim, I never was. I had to learn to be okay, even as those around me projected their stuff on to me. 

Because of the adversity early on I had to learn to build myself back up. I had to find in myself all the things that I couldn't get from the outside world and the people around me. That's what I've done and still do to this day.

The programs and coaching that I offer now are designed to empower. They offer a sort of "next level" approach to the messages that I provide weekly around standing in your power, doing the thing, being okay and trusting yourself. These are messages that I continue to teach myself every single day.

As I've learned, this journey is not easy, but it is worth it.

Thank you for finding me, for having a look, and for considering the opportunity to work with me. It is my honour to support you in your journey and I look forward to doing so.

Love to all!


What's This About?

I want to help you bust out of the boxes and live the life you want to live on your own terms! If there are things that aren’t working for you, I want to give you the courage and support you need to heal them, change them or release them or any combination of the 3. 

If you’re not sure where to go or what to do, we can work through that too. Sometimes the hardest part is just listening to yourself. We get so trained out of paying attention to our own wants and needs that we forget how. Together, we can begin to figure out what it is YOU want and make a plan to move in that general direction.

This stuff isn’t easy! It’s stuff I’ve been doing for a long time. I started out creating the life that I was told I was supposed to create. I’m on the journey of deconstructing that to create the life I want to live. I’m offering you some help to do the same thing! 

I believe that happy people are empowered people. The more people we have on this planet that are empowered, happy, inspired and loving their lives, the better off the entire planet will be. It’s my goal to help empower and inspire people to live lives they don’t need a vacation from!

The packages are 1, 3, 6 or 12 months in length. The monthly package is the only package with weekly sessions. All other packages include bi-weekly sessions. The biggest difference with these packages is that they include support from me between sessions and access to the programs I offer while you are receiving coaching from me.

How Am I Different?

There are so many coaches out there these days that’s it hard to know which ones are going to be helpful and which ones aren’t. Who do you trust? What’s the difference?

The spiritual realm contains many of us that consider ourselves “wounded healers”. We are far from perfect ourselves, but we have a message to share and we try to bring others with us in a sense. 

There are some that suggest one should be “perfectly healed” before stepping up to help others. While I understand the sentiment that sometimes one can do more harm than good, there is something dis-empowering about requiring an unachievable level of perfection before stepping into the coaching world. This creates the same catch-22 many young adults find themselves in, they need experience to get a job and they need a job to get experience. 

In that light, here’s what I’m not. I’m not a therapist or a licensed psychologist. I am not here to replace any licensed mental health professionals you may be seeing. I am not here to replace your doctor or other health professionals that you see regularly.

What I can do is help you recognize behaviours, thoughts, feelings and beliefs that you may have that are keeping you where you are. What I can do is remind you of your power and help you step into it.  What I can do is work with your energy body and help you release old, stuck energy that drains you everyday. What I can do is empower you to be who you are, do your thing and be okay. What I will do is make it okay for you to reach out to licensed professionals for additional support when you need it. 

As part of this, I require you to take responsibility for yourself and your own well-being. I am here to support you in your journey. I am not here to replace your own ability to support yourself or the professionals that you’ve surrounded with that may provide additional support. 

I want you to step into your power. I want you to follow your own journey, whatever that is and I want to help you do that with my own brand of empowerment coaching that helps you step up and be who you are, unconditionally.


“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.”

Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of The Craft

Why Am I Offering Packages Now?

I started out offering one off appointments like a doctor or therapist. It was a way to build a base, get some clients, start earning some money. But it was also a form of self-sabotage because it was done a from a place of dis-empowerment. I didn’t believe I had the power to offer higher end coaching packages that allowed me to truly help people.

That’s not to say that I don’t love my clients. I enjoy working with everybody that I work with.  But I want to truly be able to help them heal and move on from me. I don’t want to create dependence. I want my clients to trust themselves and to move forward in a really empowered way. 

The packages will do that because they focus the attention not on the day-to-day interpretation and survival of situations and circumstances, but instead on the healing and empowerment of the person in those situations and circumstances, you! That slight shift in focus is huge!

My goal is to work myself out of a job by empowering you enough that you don’t need me anymore. It is not to have the same people coming back week after week forever. It is not to create a following, but instead to create leaders that stand in their own power and change the world in their unique way.

I do a great deal for free within my group and generally, like my YouTube channel, and I will continue to do so. But in order to make sure that I can provide my clients with the highest levels of support possible, pricing for support in-between sessions was important and this achieves that goal as well.

I’m looking forward to working with everybody in this new way! Click the button below to pick the package that works for you and lets do this thing!


If someone is out there sitting on the fence, wondering if they should book a session with Laura, do it! She has a gift of tuning in and helping gain clarity, release and guidance like you've likely been waiting/searching for. If you needed a sign this is it! Go for it and book the session! I did and am truly grateful.
I’m very pleased to feel I am continuing to educate my brain and heart regardless of my age, and available time. Laura Bungarz is currently my educator, mentor, coaching person. I appreciate Laura immensely.
Technology was not even a thing, when I attended high school and college. Books and human teachers. That was it! Online courses sounded like a great thing...after MY education days. Casual learning. Learn at your own pace.
Laura has offered challenges for me to take on, ignited many fiery questions directed in me, and is able to create a drive to continue learning more about me.
Her courses offer prompt answers to any questions I’ve had, instructional videos, and available printable material. I did not feel rushed through any of the suggested exercises or pressured to answer questions within.
Laura Bungarz is able to offer several courses with various price ranges to choose.
I will continue taking courses from Laura. A new course started today. ENERGY filled!!
There’s quite the library of materials Laura’s offering, and it expands, seems like, daily. The information on her FB pages are bursting with information and insights. She has a lot going on. It’ll only take a few minutes to check her out. Thank you, for reading this review.
Thank you, Laura.

What's Included?

  • A Coaching Portal

    The coaching portal will have my calendar so you can easily book, change or cancel your appointments. I'll also be keeping you updated there with any changes or new stuff that comes up!

  • 1-Year Access to the Spiritual Misfit Academy

    All private coaching clients will be getting 1-year of access to the academy. This will give you the best opportunity to continue the work in-between appointments. This is a $120 value FREE!

  • Exclusive Private Access to Me

    The biggest advantage to private coaching packages over individual one-off appointments is the access to me and my other content in-between appointments. I've set this up so that I can fully support all of you throughout the process. You'll be able to email, text or call when you need help during those in-between times.

  • Private Coaching Sessions

    Each package contains either weekly sessions (1-month package) or bi-weekly sessions (all other packages). That's anywhere from 4 to 24 private 60-minute sessions with me so that you can learn how to live the life you want and heal the stuff while you're at it.

Options and Pricing


4 Private Coaching Sessions
$ 666 One Time Payment
  • 4-Private 60-Minute Zoom Calls (Weekly)
  • Unlimited Support and Access to Me Privately
  • Free Access to the Spiritual Misfit Academy for 1 year!
  • Free Coaching Portal to Book, Cancel, Reschedule Appointments


6 Private Coaching Sessions
$ 1222 One Time Payment
  • 6 Private 60-Minute Zoom Calls (Bi-Weekly)
  • Unlimited Support and Access to Me Privately
  • Free Access to the Spiritual Misfit Academy for 1 year!
  • Free Coaching Portal to Book, Cancel, Reschedule Appointments
Best Value


12 Private Coaching Sessions
$ 2333 One Time Payment
  • 12-Private 60-Minute Zoom Calls (Bi-Weekly)
  • Unlimited Support and Access to Me Privately
  • Free Access to the Spiritual Misfit Academy for 1 year!
  • Free Coaching Portal to Book, Cancel, Reschedule Appointments


24 Private Coaching Sessions
$ 4444 One Time Payment
  • 24 Private 60-Minute Zoom Calls (Bi-Weekly)
  • Unlimited Support and Access to Me Privately
  • Free Access to the Spiritual Misfit Academy for 1 year!
  • Free Coaching Portal to Book, Cancel, Reschedule Appointments

Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach out to me for a free exploratory session. These are 30-minute sessions that will give us time to get to know each other and allow you to make a decision. There is no pressure or commitment to buy a package.

I may consider an individual one-off session for new clients. These would be billed at $150 per hour and will not be credited towards a future package purchase. Please reach out to me for details.

All sessions in a given package must be used by the same person. 

Gifting is available but must be an entire package, not just individual sessions within one package.

Life will happen. You will have access to my calendar and be able to change your appointments when needed. 

Time frames are approximate. A 12-month coaching package might end up being closer to 14 months with cancellations and life changes. That’s okay. It can all be worked out.

Yes as much as possible. I recognize that life will happen and that’s okay. However, the packages should be used as close to within the time frame stated as possible.

Please do not purchase a package and use it as a bulk pack of individual sessions to use indefinitely.

Please reach out to me directly and let’s talk about what you feel is missing. I appreciate feedback from all of my clients and if there is something more I can do to help, please let me know.

Refunds will be on a case by case basis and be decided based on 2 factors. 

*First, how much of the package has already been used? 
Time used will be billed at the rate of $150 per hour. Time used includes time spent in messenger, email and other forms of communication, not just the number of sessions used.
Once 50% of the package price has been used, no refund will be given.

*Second, what is the reason for the refund request?
Individual reasons will be discussed. Many problems can be worked around and solved which is why I will decide individually and stay away from a standard policy. Please reach out to me directly.

I am happy to consider alternative payment arrangements. Please reach out to me to set this up.

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