Episode 12: Powerlessness

I’ve stopped talking about the book long enough to post this piece on powerlessness because it came up for me yesterday. You all know by now, that when I experience something, I share it. So, powerlessness was the thing. You’ll actually watch me in this video talk about what was going on inside my head and move through it anyway. As the saying goes, feel the fear and do it anyway. I did! 🙂

There is also a blog that I wrote this morning floating around on the same topic. Have a read as well because I do mention the blog in the video. I’ll link it here.

Powerlessness is definitely a cycle that we can get into. If you find yourself stuck there, sign up for a month in The Empowered Self Academy. I’ll be doing a masterclass on breaking cycles which you’ll find helpful that will be for academy members only.

As always, my YouTube videos are published as podcasts as well. I’ll embed both YouTiube and the podcast on Anchor below. Pick the one that works for you! Enjoy and let me know how it resonates for you!

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