Finding Common Ground in Division

We are divided these days. The divide has been growing over the last few years. I suppose it was always there in some form, although not as obvious as it is now. The crack has grown and the ability to leap from one side to the other has become increasingly difficult.

People on both sides vehemently defend their viewpoints, often doing so using profanity, name-calling and threats. The egos’ need to defend itself is on full display right now. One doesn’t have to scroll far on social media to find evidence of the division in all its’ glory.

The question is, how do we navigate such turbulent waters and come together as a people? Those aren’t easy answers.

We can’t make people see things our way. Name-calling, threats, and violence only drive people to dig into their stance further. Convincing anybody of our truth regardless of what it is about becomes wasted breath. People will project their own fears and beliefs onto us because that’s what people tend to do. The solution to that projection, however, is doing the internal work and healing ourselves. It is through healing that we can begin to consciously recognize our own triggers and beliefs. This allows us to be conscious of when we’re trying to project those onto others and stop ourselves from doing it in the first place. It’s not a perfect system, we’re all human and imperfect, but it certainly helps if we can allow people to have their viewpoints without the need to argue or react in any form.

We all know that debating anything online is pointless. The safety of a keyboard and computer screen gives people the ability to say anything that comes to mind, with little regard for others. We have learned to disrespect not only the opinions of others but also the people that have those opinions. As a result, other social media platforms have been founded with the intent to gather people of similar minds together. One such platform is Parler, which touts itself as a place for people with conservative viewpoints that won’t be censored.

Having an opinion is human. We all have opinions on a wide variety of subjects and topics. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It is in the need to have others see things our way that we run into trouble. When we get to politics, we run into the need to convince others and make them agree with us. The less agreement we’re able to find, the more disrespect we sow, the more division we create. Any system that forces people into camps or groups of people with likeminded ideas is bound to fail. The sheer idea that people need to agree on anything creates a problem from the start.

Using even the most extreme example of murder, we can find people who will disagree with the idea that murder is wrong. There will be exceptions, disagreements on the definition of murder and so on. Even the most basic concept of “thou shalt not kill” is debatable and based on context and belief system.

How do we create a system that doesn’t require agreement? Well, we’re actually heading there now. The system wouldn’t be much of a system at all, quite frankly. It would allow people to be who they are. If someone was murdered there would be no court, and there would be no jail. The systems of right and wrong would be dismantled. Nobody would be punished for anything. I know, you’re thinking anarchy and I get it. This way of being relies on people to do the inner work. It relies on people understanding that nobody needs to agree with them except themselves, that it’s okay to leave everybody else alone, and that agreement is unnecessary and overrated. Healed people don’t kill each other, they don’t project onto each other, they don’t need to be right and they don’t make others wrong. Healed people allow for all viewpoints and ways of being and don’t judge actions as good or bad. All experience just is, it is only the humans that create right and wrong or good and bad as a perception of the experience.

The road to this path is bumpy as you can see. We have a huge division between groups of people and a democracy in peril because of that division. We have violence and hate as a result of all of it. Unfortunately, the only way out is through. The hate and anger have to come up to be released. Much like individuals heal by releasing their pain, so too does the collective heal by releasing its’ pain. Releasing the pain is the first step in the healing process.

None of this is easy and it’s hard to watch. For those of us that understand the process that we are in, it is important to do our part to heal ourselves and hold space for those around us. It’s okay to have an opinion, that’s human. We just have to keep working at not projecting that opinion onto others and vilifying others that may not agree with us. It’s a process and a difficult one, at that. I’m certainly not perfect at it myself. It’s a work in progress and it takes time to heal and release all these things. It is possible if we just keep moving forward.

Stay strong through this period. This transition will not be an easy one. Hold onto to hope for a better future for our planet. We will get there, my friends. Believe in that.

Sending love to all.


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