Finding Your Truth Mastermind

This is for someone who is:

  • Tired of being in pain
  • Has cried it out plenty of times but is still struggling
  • Looking for a way forward
  • Needing support from other people but are able to move forward more independently   
  • Ready to invest in themselves and stop living from the lies and pain in their lives

Who Am I?

Laura Bungarz

My journey has been one of powerlessness, depression, and loss. I put my power away to make others happy and in doing so I made myself miserable. I let go of the people and things that meant the most to me because the people around me didn't like them.

I was a people-pleaser and I gave up my power because having my power caused conflict and I wanted to avoid conflict. I wanted everybody around me to be happy and I was willing to give up everything to do that. It cost me my happiness and that cost became too high.

Almost 8 years ago I had my "awakening" experience where I popped like a balloon in an epic meltdown that allowed me to decide it was time to heal myself. It was from there that I started doing the work.

I'm a clairvoyant psychic medium and energy healer. I see outcomes. That means that I know the ending but I don't see the path to get there. What I've learned to do is become aware of myself within the experience. That means that I've used my experience to successfully heal myself and understand myself. The journey wasn't easy, but it was definitely worth it. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

The Concept

The majority of the people I work with have been trying to heal their pain for many years. They are caught in cycles of pain now because the only real method for healing is essentially to cry it out until it goes away. If you’ve been crying for 20 years, you know that doesn’t work. 

The reason why it doesn’t work is that people unconsciously live from their pain through their habits, patterns, behaviors, thoughts, and ideas. Let’s say you learned as a child that you weren’t good enough. You did everything wrong and nobody was ever happy. As a coping or survival mechanism you learned to not make your own choices, you learned to not try very hard because nobody thought you could do it anyway. You put your power away and went into hiding.

Now as an adult you still do the same things even though nobody is there telling you that you can’t. You’re still living from the pain and wondering why you’re still in pain. That’s why. All of those survival and coping mechanisms need to be let go of and changed if you want to heal, otherwise you just stay stuck in the pain. 

That’s what we work through in my private coaching and masterminds groups. We focus on recognizing the ways in which we’re still living from the pain and then beginning to change them.  Through this process, we only deal with the pain that is triggered or created by making some change to the way we’re doing things. We don’t deal with the old wound because there is nothing there to do. You’ve done enough with that. We focus on the present and the feelings that come from making small, incremental changes in our lives.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

We’re not making massive leaps. We’re doing small things that can create big changes over time.

For example, in my private coaching one person canceled some plans they didn’t want to do and would normally have done anyway. This begins to change the boundaries in that relationship. Another person stopped doing laundry for their teenage kids. Again, shifting the expectations and creating space for themselves instead of always being over-obligated or feeling guilty for what we’re not doing. Somebody else made a shift in their business to be closer to what they are realizing they want to create. 

These aren’t life-altering, earth-shattering shifts but they do what they are meant to do. They give people quick success and bring up all the fear and anxiety that comes with making changes in our lives. From there we can deal with the story, the fear, and the anxiety and continue to move forward by making more small changes. 

The idea behind private coaching and mastermind groups is that you’re supported as you slowly make these changes in your life. With the mastermind group, you will have me plus the others in the group. All of us will be working together to create changes in our lives. We’ll each be taking our own steps and then talking about the results as a group. How did it feel? What happened? What was the story you were telling yourself? You’ll be able to see that everybody else is experiencing similar things and that’s important. It helps you feel supported which makes it easier to move forward.


I Live This Way Too!

If you’ve followed me at all you’ll know I don’t have my shit together. I’m still learning and growing and making changes in my own life. 

The process I’m offering you is the same one I was guided down on my own healing journey. It’s the one I’m still on today and will be on for the rest of my life. 

I walk my talk every day of my life. I share that journey openly, both in my blogs and on social media, but also in the mastermind. I will offer my own stories, my own anecdotes, and my own way of looking at things because I understand how important it is to feel supported, but also how important perspective is. One of the things I’m here to do is help you with your perspective so that you don’t have to get caught up in blame, shame, guilt, and victimization.

I understand how important it is to share my stories with you and I will. I also understand how helpful it can be to be surrounded by other people who are also going through similar things. Having a support group to work through this stuff with is a huge bonus of a mastermind group! 

What Am I Offering?

This is a little less intense than weekly private calls with me, but still gives you the same access to me as private coaching!

The goal is to break patterns, habits, ideas, thoughts, and beliefs by challenging them and doing something different. The idea is to take some small action and then work through the grunge that comes up behind it. 

We’re not making big leaps. We’re making very small changes to our usual responses to things and then seeing how we respond to what happened.

I’m not trying to hurt you or scare you to death. I don’t want you to run away screaming but we need a place to start. By asking you to do something small that is likely to cause you to react in some way, we can begin to work through the stories and patterns. That’s how we change things. 

This is probably different than anything you’ve experienced because I expect you to take action and I expect you’ll begin to become aware of your thoughts and feelings when you take that action. Those two things combined are powerful tools for healing. They shine a light on exactly what the problem is and show you how to fix it too!

Using the group calls, the private call, and the Voxer chat I’ll keep you going. We’ll work through all the things that are causing trouble. The benefit of this is that you have support from others in the group chat, not just me!

Why Finding the Truth?

All of the thoughts, behaviors, habits, patterns, beliefs, and ideas you have about yourself and the world around have formed a giant lie that you live from.

What’s the lie?

That you can’t, you shouldn’t, you’re not supposed to, you’re not good enough, you don’t deserve it, or something similar. You get the idea. Those things aren’t true! They are lies other people probably told you, directly or indirectly, because you made them uncomfortable just like I made the people around me uncomfortable. 

What’s the truth?

The truth is that you can, you should, you are supposed to and you are definitely good enough. You just have to allow yourself to see it by changing all the things you do that make you think you can’t do it. 

My goal in life has become to find the truth behind the human experience. Why do we respond the way we do? What’s actually happening? How is perception playing into all this? I look for the story behind the story. Not necessarily reading between the lines, but looking for pain, looking for blame, shame, guilt, and victimization. Looking for what would cause people to react and respond the way they do. What’s the story? And most importantly, is it true?

Most people aren’t living their truths because they can’t. They still hold on to too much pain. But you can change that. You can be one of the people who does live their truth. It starts by joining this mastermind so that you can be supported in finding your truth and beginning to live from it. Are you ready yet?

The Details

  • One Private Call Per Month

    Get one 60-minute private call with me per month on Whereby to work through whatever you want to privately.

  • 2 Group Calls Per Month

    We'll all get together for a chat on Whereby. Dates and times to be determined.

  • Voxer Group Chat!

    I've gotten into this Voxer thing. It's easy. It's free and it's much less distracting and annoying than Messenger! You'll have 24-hour access to me and others in the group while you're in the Mastermind. Ask your questions when they come up!
    Don't have an account? I'll send you an invitation. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or the App store on iPhones.

  • Free Access to My Courses!

    Get free access to all my courses during your time in the mastermind. Get my latest 2 courses free!
    1. How to Look Past the Conflict of Money
    2. Showing Up for Yourself

  • 3 and 6 Month Options

    You decide! 3 months or 6 months? Payment plans are available and yes you can renew and stay in it longer!

Reserve Your Spot!

Below are the links to reserve your spot! Decide whether you want to be in for 3 or 6 months, pay in full or grab a payment plan and get ready to change your life! I’m looking for a May 22nd start date!

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