Free Stuff

Below are some free things that I’ve created for you. Please help yourself! I’ll be adding more over time.

Most of them do not require any email sign-up or anything, just take and run. 

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The Healing Framework

The Stop Being Stuck Challenge

This was a 5-day challenge I ran on Facebook a while back. It was a freebie then so I figured I would add it to the free stuff here. 

Please click the button below to check out the page with all the videos and workbooks. No sign-up is required!


Letting Yourself Off the Hook

This was another workshop I ran on Facebook a while back. I believe I charged for it at the time, it is now free. There is no workbook. 

Tarot Spreads

A gallery of tarot spreads I’ve created over the years.

Clearing and Grounding Masterclass

If you’re curious about how to clear and ground yourself, here is a masterclass I did a while back that may help you. 

If there is a Facebook group mentioned, it is no longer available. Please join me in my current Facebook group, Becoming More of Yourself.

How to Use a Pendulum

Tarot 101

This is just for those that are curious about what tarot is and how to go about getting started. This probably won’t be helpful to anybody that already uses tarot, unless you’re curious about my opinion on things!