Full Moon in Aries Tarot Messages

I love October! Here in Canada, we get Thanksgiving and Halloween during this month and it is magical. I love all the pumpkins and fall decorations and then I enjoy the fun of getting dressed up for Halloween and eating far too much chocolate!

Lucky for us we have a Full Moon right here in the middle of all the action on the 20th. It happens to be in the sign of Aries, which is a very prominent sign in my life and birth chart. So without further ado, let’s see what decks we’re using today.

I have the Halloween Tarot deck by Kipling West, The Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid, the Energy Oracle by Sandra Anne Taylor, The Gilded Reverie Expanded Edition Lenormand by Ciro Marchetti, The Moonology Oracle Deck by Yasmin Boland, and the Butterfly Oracle Deck for Life Changes by Doreen Virtue.

Get started below by picking your Lego figure and then scroll down for the messages. Enjoy!


The cards in this pile are the Fish, Justice, 9 of Imps (Wands), Ace of Ghosts (Cups), the Fox, The High Lord of Gratitude and Service, Man Holding a Heart, Work through your fears, and Take The Next Step Now.

You are valuable. That’s the message coming through, particularly with the two Lenormand cards, the Fish and the Fox. The Fish card is about value and worth. It’s about money and importance. The Fox represents the self in terms of taking care of the self or protecting the self, sometimes even selfishly. Together, this to me represents valuing yourself, recognizing your own self-worth. You are valuable in your own right. There is nothing to prove and you don’t have to earn it. You are born worthy and you remain that way your entire life.

Let’s look at the tarot cards. Justice is both about balance and the way things should be. There is something that is owed to you Pile 1. There is something you deserve, probably even want, but that you don’t feel worthy enough to have. The 9 of Imps or Wands suggests you’re pushing towards it though. It’s a struggle, but you’re still trying to move forward. The Ace of Ghosts or Cups suggests maybe you’re following your heart, as with the Man Holding a Heart. It suggests an emotional investment here, romantic or otherwise. This is something important and valuable to you. You need to decide you’re worthy of having it.

The High Lord of Gratitude and Service talks about being grateful for these opportunities that come your way. You got here by doing the work Pile 1. You got here by making the effort and having the courage. It’s not random. It’s not an accident. You’re here on purpose. Be grateful for it and enjoy it. You are allowed to have what it is you want.

Work through your fears is exactly as it suggests. Stop being afraid of what you want. it’s okay to go get whatever it is. You’re allowed to have it and you’re going to be successful, so go get it. That follows on beautifully to Take The Next Step Now. Just do it and don’t worry so much about it. It’s going to be fine.

Man Holding a Heart is following your heart and being emotionally invested and involved, whether you’re male or female. Gender does not matter here. You or somebody around you is or will be following their heart and doing their thing. Chances are if you’re getting this reading, it’s about you or it’s you that needs to do the thing.

I talk and talk and talk about doing the thing. What are you waiting for? Please do the thing so I don’t have to talk about it anymore! HAHAHAHAHA I’m kidding. I hope you don’t mind the humor! Do the thing because it’s important to you and you will be happier when you do. Trust me on this!

I hope that was helpful Pile 1.

Love to all.

Pile 2

The cards in this pile are the Stars, 6 of Bats (Swords), the Hierophant, the Knight of Pumpkins (Pentalces), the Rider, Sisters of the Seasons, Door to Romance, You’re very close to achieving your goal, and Hobbies.

Your goals and dreams are going to happen Pile 2, ready or not here they come. This isn’t a choice anymore. You’re moving forward. There is a fatedness to this pile. Something here is written in the stars (pun intended). You’re going somewhere in life and maybe you still feel like you’re being dragged a little bit. You’re not, you’re just not so sure of yourself just yet.

So the Stars are hopes, dreams, and goals. The Rider is about things happening somewhat suddenly. It can be messages from people you haven’t heard from in a long time that show up out of nowhere. It can be all kinds of different things that show up and happen. So, suddenly you get what you want or suddenly you have a new dream or a new goal to go after. That’s how those two cards play off of one another.

The 6 of Bats or Swords is a moment of transition, moving forward, change. We’re going from rough water to calm water. We’re going from things that are challenging to things that are much easier. Life change is good. Yes, it can be challenging but it’s worth it.

The Hierophant is about doing the right things, your beliefs, your values, your purpose. You’re moving towards making your life “right” for you. Define “right” however it fits. You’re moving towards something you want, something you believe in, something that provides purpose and meaning in your life. The Knight of Pumpkins or Pentacles suggests you’re committed to whatever that is. You want it and you’re focused on it. You’re not moving quickly, but you are moving. Keep going.

Remember that fatedness I was talking about? Well, that’s what Sisters of the Seasons is all about, natural law and divine order. Yep, that’s fate. It’s all lined up for you Pile 2, all you have to do is move forward. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that card in a reading for myself or anybody else, that may be a first!

Door to Romance is pretty obvious. If this is a soul-mate, fated relationship then yes, the card makes sense. for romance. But as always, it doesn’t have to be that. We can be talking about anything that fills your heart with love and joy. It doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship unless it fits.

The Moonology deck is reminding you you’re almost there. You’ve done the work. You’ve struggled and sacrificed. It’s now time to finish it off, complete the challenge!

Hobbies from the Butterfly deck could be an actual hobby, doing something you enjoy for yourself and taking time out to do it. I get the feeling that you’ve turned all this dreaming and wanting into a hobby and you’re sort of playing with it instead of just moving forward. It’s like you’re stuck in a loop now of enjoying the dream more than the manifesting of the dream.

There is danger in that. When our dreams get so good, it can be difficult to make real-life match them. It doesn’t mean it can’t, it just means we have to be willing to try and my feeling is, you’ve stopped trying somewhat because the dreams are better or maybe they are just easier. It’s easier to dream instead of do. That could be a problem if you procrastinate or wait too long. The time to act is now.

I hope that helps Pile 2.

Love to all.

Pile 3

The cards are the Ship, 10 of Ghosts (Cups), the Magician, 7 of Imps (Wands), the Wishing Well, The Sun Dancers, Angel of Balance, Show the world the real you, and Self Employment.

Get out of the hole you put yourself in Pile 3. Why are you in a hole? Why are you still digging? What’s got you so tied up?

The Ship is about travel, movement, or change. It’s about a journey of some kind, whether physical travel or internal healing and transformation. The Wishing Well is about digging deep into things, doing that soul-searching. We’re looking for truth at the bottom of the well. We’re on this journey and it’s never-ending right now. We’re in perpetual soul-searching, perpetual healing. When do we stop healing and move forward? When is it enough? That’s the question you need to ask yourself Pile 3.

The 6 of Ghosts of Cups is about the past. It can also be a card of intuition, naivety, or a reference to children. For our purposes, though it’s the past. Something happened in the past and you learned from it. Whatever you learned from it has shown you how to handle the present. The Magician says you know what to do. There is an action to take represented by the Magician and you just need to do it. The 7 of Imps or Wands suggests there is some tension or struggle involved in that doing. What’s making this difficult? Why not just surrender and do the thing? It would be easier, wouldn’t it?

The Sun Dancers is about enjoying life, having what you want, being abundant. Clearly, that means there is no need to struggle 7 of Wands style. You’re free to enjoy your life and do your thing. You are supported and you will have what you need. Just move forward and celebrate the ease you have found in your life.

Angel of Balance, another card of ease. Balance implies that you’ve found a way to get your work done, maybe through self-employment, and still have plenty of time to enjoy the other parts of your life. A balance of work and play makes like enjoyable, doesn’t it? You have that available to you. Grab it!

I think we’ve covered self-employment. If you’re working for yourself you’re establishing balance and ease within your work life. You don’t need to struggle. You will be supported. The only thing you have to do is show the world the real you from the Moonology deck. Don’t be afraid to shine your light as it were. If there is any struggle in your life still it’s because you haven’t fully stepped into your power yet. Just give yourself a little more oomph, a little more gas, and you’ll get there.

There is magic coming for you Pile 3. Enjoy the ride!

I hope that was helpful, Pile 3.

Love to all.


The first two piles were definitely about moving forward. Pile 1 was kind of getting started building their hopes and dreams. Pile 2 was on the road and polishing up. Pile 3 was there already, just making those final little adjustments. Whether we’re talking work or love it doesn’t matter. Go after your dreams, do the thing, and don’t be afraid to fly. You were born with wings for a reason! Use them!

Much love to all.


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