Full Moon in Leo Tarot Messages

We have a full moon on January 28th and I thought it might be fun to get some tarot messages for it. Below you’ll find the messages spirit wants you to know about the upcoming moon cycle.

The decks used in the reading are the standard Rider-Waite tarot deck, the Moonology deck by Yasmin Boland, the Energy Oracle by Sandra Anne Taylor, and the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid.

Below is a picture of all 4 piles, choose your Harry Potter Funkopop and then scroll down to find your messages.

Pile 1

If you chose Hermoine, your cards are the Ace of Swords, Conclusions are within reach, Appreciation and The Lade of the Gift.

A cycle is ending for you pile 1 with this full moon. Appreciate the journey you’ve been on. I feel as though it’s been quite a trip for you. This cycle may have been very challenging. But you survived! You managed to see your way clear. Be proud of yourself and celebrate your accomplishments.

The Lady of the Gift suggests there may be some reward coming for your efforts. The Universe supports us and our growth this way. As we move, so too does the Universe. Allow in the abundance in whatever form it shows up.

The Ace of Swords suggests you’ve received a lot of clarity along the way. It’s important to use that moving forward to help you in the next stage of your journey. While we don’t want to hold on to the past, take the lessons with you. Remember what you’ve learned. There were valuable lessons in your journey that will now assist you as you move forward.

Congratulations pile 1 on a job well done!

Pile 2

If you chose Harry, the cards are; The Hierophant, Hold your vision, Woman holding a coin, and The Sun Dancers.

The Hierophant is about our lives, our beliefs, our way of being. It can be also religious or spiritual. It appears that maybe your beliefs have been holding you back but that things are beginning to work out. Trust your intuition, what you know, and yourself. You will be rewarded soon.

The Moonology deck is talking about holding your vision. You may be getting a little bit of a test to see how strong those new beliefs really are. Often we have to hold our vision while the Universe re-arranges the pieces for us. If that’s the case, just be patient, you will get what you want.

There is abundance coming for you, as the Woman Holding a Coin suggests. But she also suggests that you have what you need already. Do you see it yet? We are all equipped with what we need to navigate our individual journeys. You are not an exception. What do you think you don’t have? Look inside and I bet you’ll find it.

The Sun Dancers confirms the abundance, but also asks you to celebrate all that you have and will receive. One of the first things we learn about manifestation is that we have to feel the feeling of what we want in order to receive it. It’s time to raise the old vibe and do a happy dance. Good things are coming. Hold true to what you want, be patient and happy and you will receive. Congratulations, pile 2!

Pile 3

If you chose Voldemort, the cards are; The Star, It’s time to release negativity, Angel of Love, and The Eyes of Beauty.

The Angel is love is hinting at some new love this moon cycle, pile 3. Have you been wanting a relationship with someone in particular? Maybe somebody is coming back from your past? Whatever the situation is, the cards are asking you to remain positive and hopeful.

The Star is a very positive card about hope, dreams, inspiration. Maybe this relationship inspired you in your life in some form. Maybe you are inspired by something or someone else. However you’ve received the inspiration, it is yours now to do what you want with. Enjoy this powerful energy, pile 3!

To be happy in our relationships, we have to release negativity. Now this doesn’t mean we are only positive for the rest of our lives, it just means that we do our best not to be bitter or upset by the past, particularly if somebody from your past is coming back. Don’t drag the pain of the past into the present. Yes, discuss what went wrong, but look for solutions instead of more problems. You can heal from whatever has happened. It may just take some time.

The final card is the Eyes of Beauty. One of the things you will gain from this experience is clarity around what has happened in the past. You will begin to see things differently than you have been up until now. Allow the awakening experience you’re about to have. It’s an important part of your journey. Enjoy!

Pile 4

If you chose pile 4 and Bellatrix, these are your cards; the 10 of Swords, Bring love into the situation, The Temple Path, and The Camel Boy.

Pile 4 it appears you are in the process of an ending and a new beginning. There is the energy of both an ending and a new beginning or recovery in the 10 of Swords. Things have to end in order for new to come in. We have to make room. Endings are hard, but they are necessary. Allow this shift to take place.

The Moonology deck is reminding you to bring love into the situation. The more love we can bring into our lives, in all forms and in all situations, the easier life is to navigate. This ending may be difficult, but it is serving a purpose, pile 4. Remember to be compassionate and loving with yourself and others. Tread lightly as you navigate these rough waters.

The Temple Path card suggests that this is a necessary part of your path. When we’ve learned all we can from a situation or relationship, the Universe will try to get us to leave that situation that we can grow into something new. They aren’t punishing us for our growth, they are trying to encourage us to continue forward. Keep going pile 4, as difficult as this is, please keep going.

The final card is The Camel Boy. He’s all about asking for help and taking things one step at a time. Don’t try to skip steps or rush through because things are uncomfortable. They won’t stay that way forever. Know that you can always reach out for help, whether it’s to the people around you or your spirit team, support is always available to you. Take it when you need it.

Those are your messages, I hope they are helpful.

Love to all.


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