General Weekly Tarot Messages

I am going to do a tarot video this week for the full moon eclipse along with all the retrogrades. But for now I wanted to do a quick post with some general tarot messages for you! Let’s see what the cards have to say!

The decks I’m using are The Wheel of the Year Tarot by Lo Scareabeo, The Gilded Reverie Lenormand Expanded Edition by Ciro Marchetti, The Energy Oracle by Sandra Anne Taylor, The Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle by Collette Baron Reid, The Butterfly Oracle by Doreen Virtue.

Below are 4 piles, each represented by a die. Pick a pick and then scroll down to find your messages.

Pile 1

The cards are The World, the Ring and the Clouds, the Man Holding a Coin, The Metal King and Seeking and Finding. The image on the die an apple.

The World is a card of completion and fulfillment. It is the end of a cycle and also the last card in the major arcana in tarot. It is the final step before we go back to the Fool and start again. Somebody wants completion or a situation will be coming to completion. It looks like somebody just needs to shut out the other voices around them and do their own thing. They need to get out of their own way, out of their head and just move forward. Whether that’s you or somebody around you, that’s the feeling I’m getting from the World card.

The Ring speaks of a commitment to something. Yes, it could be engagement or marriage if that applies, it could also be the signing of a contract, making a promise to somebody, or committing to doing something for yourself or someone else. The Ring is any commitment or promise a person would make.

The Clouds speak of confusion and things that are hidden. Unlike say the Fox, which has an element of sneakiness to it, the clouds are just information we don’t have yet. There is no manipulation, lying or sneakiness about it. Think of how the clouds cover up the sun. It’s not that the sun is gone or hiding anything, it’s simply not visible to us because of the clouds. The same would be true with these clouds. The clouds can also be confusion, more like fog. It’s just those things we don’t understand or aren’t sure of. We need to clear the clouds away to get a complete picture.

Together, the Ring and the Clouds speak of confusion or a lack of clarity around some commitment somebody is trying to make. The could be committed to clearing the confusion in this case. They could simply need more information before making a commitment. This person wants the completion indicated by the World card, which comes through getting or finding the information they don’t have so that they can commit.

The Seeking and Finding card talks about clearing that confusion. It will be resolved. This isn’t going to go on forever, this person will find the information they are needing in order to commit to whatever it is they want.

The Man Holding a Coin could represent you or somebody else, regardless of gender. This person can get the answers they need. The coin could represent money, it could also represent knowledge or information of some kind that this person has available to them. There is nothing going on here that can’t be resolved is what I’m feeling.

The final card is the Metal King. This card talks about boundaries and discipline. It could be important to have some patience while gathering the last of the information. It may also be that this person needs to honor themselves in this decision and not just worry about everybody else. Making choices for ourselves without worrying about what other people will think or say is an important part of maintaining our sense of freedom, boundaries, and personal power. We are okay to move forward on our own, whether the people around us like it or not.

The Apple here is the prize is my feeling. We’re working towards this apple, whatever it represents, and we will find it. We will be able to enjoy that apple very soon, just keep going.

I hope that helps Pile 1.

Have a great week!

Pile 2

The cards in this pile are the 4 of Cups, the Book and the House, Angel of Strength, The Wise Woman of Wonderland, and Finances. The image on the die is a footprint.

The 4 of Cups indicates boredom. Notice how she’s looking out the window at the rain. She’d rather be outside but feels trapped inside because of the rain. She’s bored. Whoever this is also feels bored with their circumstances. They want to change things, but maybe they aren’t sure how. There may be some things, like the rain, that the person doesn’t have control over. We just have to wait for the rain to stop if we want to go outside, right? So maybe we just have to wait for the things we don’t have control over to work themselves out before we move forward.

The Book talks about knowledge or truth. It can be education, just telling somebody the truth or it can be facts and general knowledge. It could also be a literal book. This person has the knowledge, now they need to figure out what to do with it. It’s great to have the knowledge, but then what? Think back to school when you spent a lot of time learning things you would never need again. What happens to all that knowledge when we don’t use it? What do we do with all this information we pick up in life? That’s the question.

The House can indicate a literal house, The House is about home and family. It can also represent privacy, not secrets just things we prefer to keep to ourselves. The House can be traditions and standard ways of doing things, routines. Combined with the Book, we have private information and family knowledge or things that are only known within the family. We have information about traditions or the home. Somebody has some information they are keeping to themselves. Maybe, for whatever reason, not sharing that information is causing them to be unhappy or discontent in their current circumstances.

With the Angel of Strength here, there is information that the person needs to find the strength to share. Maybe the information is challenging in some way. Maybe they are worried about what people will think if they share this information. Whatever the reason, strength is required in order to use this information in the right way.

The Wise Woman of Wonderland is giving me the feeling that this person is, in fact, worried about how the information they have will be received and are hesitating to share it. The card also talks about integrity and compromise. It could be that this person needs to share this information in order to maintain their sense of integrity. Maybe sharing requires them to compromise something in order to stay in integrity within themselves.

The final card is Finances. The information that needs to be shared could have something to do with money. Maybe this person needs to share something within their business that will help them make more money. Maybe this person has had financial trouble in the past and needs to reveal that to somebody in order to stay in integrity and be honest about themselves. Maybe this information is just valuable to this person or will be important or valuable to others.

The footprint on the die is giving me the image of following a path. There’s a breadcrumb trail that has been laid out in front of this person and they are having to choose to follow it. Doing so requires them to share information about themselves and their life, but they struggling with how to do that.

Sometimes as we move in one direction or another, it opens up a way forward for us. Often that way forward includes some obstacles or hurdles, but more often than not, there is a successful outcome at the end of that path. It seems that this is true for this person. They have chosen a path and now, in order to be successful on it, they need to move forward with sharing some things they may not otherwise share. It’s not easy, but it is possible. Trust what the Universe is putting in front of you. They know the way.

I hope that helps Pile 2!

Pile 3

The cards in this reading are the Knight of Cups, the Fox and the Star, Woman Holding a Heart, The Arrow Master, Windfall. The image on the die is a tree.

This seems to be the romance pile, so lets go on that idea. The Knight of Cups is the knight in shining armor. He or she is sweeping somebody off their feet, gender is not important. They are following their heart towards this new relationship and going after what they want. This is purely an emotional journey with the Cups. They are acting on how they feel.

The Fox talks about sneakiness and selfishness. It’s about doing things for ourselves or for selfish reasons. The Fox is sly and wants to protect himself and so he moves forward in a way that allows him to protect himself from harm.

The Star is hopes and dreams, goals and intentions. These are the things we wish upon a star for. They are the things we want to create in our lives. Together with the Fox, this person feels like they are moving forward rather selfishly. Their goals are in their own self-interest. This is what they want for them. Maybe there is part of them that feels like that’s not okay. The truth is, it is okay to have goals that are your own. It’s okay to want things just to want things. It’s okay to be in that relationship because you want to be in it, regardless of whether the people around you approve. It’s okay to have what you want because you’ve decided you want it. You’re following your heart with that Knight of Cups and it’s feeling a little selfish, but it’s actually a good thing.

The Woman Holding a Heart is the person or thing the Knight is after. If we play along with the story the cards are telling, she has stolen his heart and he wants to sweep her off her feet. How romantic! The card also implies the feelings are mutual, meaning they both want the same thing and it’s not selfish of that Knight at all!

It’s clear from the last two cards that the Knight gets his wish. The Arrow Master talks about taking a shot and hitting the bullseye and the Windfall card, well that talks about getting a windfall of abundance, whatever that means to the Knight. Success is a given here, as long as the Knight moves forward and stops feeling selfish for wanting to be with that woman!

The tree on the die is about grounding and stabilizing this relationship. Maybe it’s been a bit rocky. Maybe they haven’t admitted their feelings to each other yet. Whatever the reason, the relationship has been mostly energetic and needs to ground. The tree is stable because it has roots in the ground. It plants itself firmly in place. The same is true in our relationships. We need to plant those seeds firmly in the ground so that as the relationship grows, it’s not prone to being knocked over by others that may come along and try to cause harm. Stability is key to this relationship being successful.

Maybe I might have gotten a little carried away with the fairytale of this pile, but you get the idea Pile 3. Follow your heart, go after what you want, regardless of how selfish it seems, you will be successful and it will create stability for you!

I hope that helps Pile 3!

Pile 4

The cards are the 4 of Pentacles, The Ship and the Crossroads, Walking Away, The Prison Waif, and Spiritual Growth. The image on the die is a house.

The 4 of Pentacles is a card of greed, keeping things to yourself, hiding or staying out of sight, and generally being a miser and not moving. I’m staying here. I’m holding on to my pentacles and I’m not moving. You can’t make me! But, that’s not the whole story, because staying stuck keeps us stuck. We have to move forward towards the change we want.

The Ship is the journey, it’s that change. It can be literal travel by boat. But it can also just be some sort of internal journey or path that we need to take.

The Crossroads is about decision making. Which stairwell should I take? Which direction do I go in? Do I want to go that way at all? Together the Ship and the Crossroads talk about needing to decide to move forward. They talk about figuring out which path to take and which way to go. They are indicating that the 4 of Pentacles needs to get up and move in some direction. Staying where he is, is no longer an option.

Walking away, yes, that’s what needs to happen. When we go down a path of some kind, it’s inevitable that something else gets left behind. That’s how this works. So, what do you need to leave behind? What do you need to walk away from? The 4 of Pentacles indicates that you’re worried you’ll be without if you leave what you have behind. But you won’t. You’re going to learn a lot and gain a lot of experience from the adventure. You aren’t losing anything, you just can’t see what you’re going to gain yet.

The Prison Waif is that stuck energy. It’s not moving because we don’t know what to do or where to go. We’re not sure what we’re giving up. We’re not sure what we’re gaining. We’re stuck in our heads more than anything and it’s keeping us where we are. We can’t stay here though. We have to move forward. We aren’t trapped. Don’t let your thoughts sabotage you! Your brain is lying to you to keep you safe. Jump Pile 4, jump!

Jumping is what gives you that Spiritual Growth. This is how we learn that the Universe is supporting us and has our backs. It’s safe to do those things we know we need to do. There is nothing to worry about, nothing to be afraid of. You’re going to gain so much “enlightenment” and experience from this. It’s worth it!

The image on the die is a house. Maybe you need to move houses. Maybe you’re worried about whether you’ll be able to pay the rent if you do this. Maybe, like the Lenormand house in Pile 3, it’s about keeping things private and to yourself. You are safe in that house. You are protected and you will be okay. It’s safe to move forward. Trust yourself.

I hope that helps Pile 4!


There are lots of decisions being made this week for most of you. It’s about deciding to move forward, go after what we want, do things anyway regardless of what others may think about them, basically we’re all going to march to our own drum beat this week.

I’ll be back mid-week with a bigger tarot reading in video format. We’ll be diving into that full moon eclipse energy and all the retrogrades that are happening this week. Get ready for that.

Let me know how your pile resonated with you. If you need more individual guidance, please check out my one-to-one Healing Sessions which are on sale right now. I’d love to help!

Have a great week and I’ll to you soon!


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