Guided Intuitive Healing Sessions

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It's Time To Step Into Your Power

We grow up thinking that our power is outside of ourselves. We protest. We yell. We post on social media. We complain. We vote. We write letters. While there may be nothing wrong with these, and yes it’s okay to vote. recognize where your power is. It’s not on the ballot. It’s not at the protest. It’s not in the letter. It’s not in your bank account. It’s not in your social media post. It’s in you. It’s been in you the whole time. 

Taking your power back isn’t just about taking it from the systems that surround us, it’s also about taking it back from the people that surround us.   Your caregivers or parents taught you how to be. They told you were too much or too little. They may still tell you those things. 

Your friends and other family members also have expectations of you and who they think you are. Chances are you’re not that person anymore. They expect something from you that doesn’t exist but you play along anyway. 

What if it didn’t have to be like that?

What if you could be who you are regardless of what all those people and systems tell you to be?

What if you could break out of the cage you find yourself in?

You can and I can show you how.                                                             

How I Can Help

It’s not just me and my ego helping you. I’m guided by a group of spirits that assist me when I work with others. The truth is I’m just a channel, the pipe through which everything that happens goes through. I don’t do this on my own, nor would I.

In the 3D world, I’m a trained teacher. I learned how to teach little kids. I had to step away from that, much to the disappointment of my family. I had to begin the journey to becoming the person that writes this page. That’s not an easy process. It’s been a long road. 

It’s been long, but it’s not bad.  I understand now how to heal, release, and embody without necessarily ripping myself to shreds every time I need to go through the process.

I am an energy healer. It’s one of the many things I have the privilege of channeling through my body. I see your energy field and everything and everyone that you’re connected to. I also see where you hold onto your pain, your memories, your struggles in your body. Often this shows up as what I fondly call “an energetic ball of goo”. 

Everybody has one of these to varying degrees and everybody stores it someplace differently. For some, it’s in their stomach. For others, it’s in their chest. Some will even store it in body parts like gallbladders or kidneys. 

What I do when I find the ball of goo inevitably, is I begin to peel it like peeling fruit. I pull back layers, many of them you never feel even if you are energy sensitive. The more I pull back, the deeper we go. If you release emotion, I clear it from your field. Intuitively to me crying or any emotional energy kicks up energetic dust. I simply brush it aside so it doesn’t settle back in your energy field.

I’m also a medium with access to your transitioned loved ones. This is often part of the process as we look to our favorite transitioned person for guidance.  I enjoy this frequently as your friends and family are often quite entertaining once no longer in human form. 

So what does this all mean?

It means I have the power to guide you through a healing process that is perfect for you. It means I have the power to show you the way forward for yourself.

The Breadcrumb Trail

When I started my healing journey 7-years ago, it was because a spirit guide was telling me what to do. I was getting intuitive guidance and finding ways to follow it. 

I’ve been getting that guidance ever since. Using my intuition to heal means I follow a breadcrumb trail. I’m told what needs to go next. I don’t guess and I don’t jump around. I just follow the path. What it means is, I move through things quicker. I get stuck less and I don’t feel like I’m just randomly feeling my way around.

I can show you that breadcrumb trail for yourself. It’s not my breadcrumb it’s your own, it’s unique to you, and I can help you find it. 

Every time we see each other we can finish up one breadcrumb and move to the next. I can help you move forward faster, easier, less painfully, and with better guidance.

I can help you energetically and intuitively to clear things out of your path so you don’t have to stop. 

You’ll get farther faster and it’ll be life-changing for you.

Why Did It Take Me So Long?

Even though I was intuitively guided the whole way, I still had to figure out a lot of the processes myself. I didn’t have somebody to show me how to do it in a way that wasn’t horribly painful.

I’m not suggesting we avoid anything. We acknowledge everything and we work through everything that comes up. We don’t skip stuff or steps.  But I don’t believe that we need to unpack every box. I don’t believe that we need to deep dive into some of these painful memories.


Because you’ve already felt it, many times over. Why feel it again to clear it?

Feeling it again keeps you holding on to it. It doesn’t allow you to let it go. You have to hold it to feel it. So we need to stop holding on, which means stop digging in and re-living it. Don’t unpack the box, just toss it.

Energetically I can support that process so that you can toss the box and the cord it’s attached to isn’t a bungee cord that brings it right back. We can remove it successfully without a huge amount of pain and trauma.


Mental Health

I’ve been depressed. I’ve been suicidal. I understand that place. 

Therapy is an amazing tool and I don’t claim to be a therapist. 

You know you and you know your own limits. If you are struggling please seek additional support from somebody that is trained to provide it.

There is nothing wrong with needing professional help. Please seek it out if that is you.

What I'm Offering

There are two versions of this that I offer. The biggest difference between the two is the level of support that I provide.

Option 1

Monthly Sessions without Support

$2400 CAD
Payment Plans Available


  • Your choice of 60-minute, 90-minute, or 2-hour sessions each month. Prices vary.
  • All plans include 12 sessions, one per month for a year.
  • Payment plan available . Pay over 12-months.
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Option 2

Monthly Sessions with Support

$2050 CAD
Payment Plans Available


  • All sessions are 90-minutes in length and offered bi-weekly. Prices vary depending on the number of sessions chosen.
  • Choose the number of sessions: 6, 12, 18, or 24.
  • Unlimited email and text support. Reach out anytime you're struggling.
  • Payment plans are available. The length of the payment plan is determined by the number of sessions.
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