Heal First, Fix It After

I said in my community on Tribe that this week was about self-realization for me. The cards were windfall and Judgment in my weekly tarot spread. A windfall of self-realization. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

What that means for me is many conversations with my cards because that’s how most of my own self-realization shows up for me. I don’t need that for others, but I use it consistently for myself because it helps take me out of my head and my ego and focuses me better.

What that means for you is lots of writing and sharing because well, that’s how I process this stuff. I’ve done this in a number of blogs now where I pull cards for myself and then essentially work out what needs to happen via writing a blog. Here we are again.

I spent all day Saturday with my cards. They are very specific in their purpose at the moment and I am all but unable to change the topic. A little tunnel vision never hurt I guess. They are focused on helping me see how in my past I made very firm choices to do things not knowing the outcomes while accepting that conflict and disagreement were just part of the deal. I’ve said before that I didn’t take this road intentionally. I didn’t get here because I set out to consciously. It’s something that happened through following the breadcrumb trail that is my intuition.

I was willing to do what it took to create specific changes in my life and I just focused on allowing my intuition to show me how to get there. What I thought was going to be a simple revamp of things turned into a complete teardown and redo of everything I know including myself as a person.

I wasn’t scared of conflict. I didn’t back down. I decided and I went after it. Sometimes I look back at it and I see myself as almost stubborn and bullheaded about what I was doing. Yes, I can very stubborn and bullheaded! But that’s another post! It turns out I needed that because it’s what allowed me to push forward. It allowed me to get here. Without it, I wouldn’t be here. The simple message now is that I need to do it again to complete this cycle.

So, part 1 of the message is about getting firmly planted in my choices and the direction my life is about to go in. Part 2 is a message that came through a little bit ago because it was somewhat of a creative inspiration that appeared. The easiest way for me to understand what came through is to write about it. Who knew?!

You all know I’m an energy healer and I tune into the energy of the people around me so that I can help them. I can see past, present, and future, connect to anybody that you are connected to whether they are in their bodies or not, and help to provide clarity and guidance about how to move forward.

You’ve seen from me that my work has shifted over time. I’ve gone from just offering tarot readings, to offering intuitive readings, to trying to teach almost solely via courses, and now to writing as my main form of communicating and sharing while still offering courses and workbooks. The message has always been one of empowerment. It has focused loosely on healing, letting things go, moving forward, and most recently, change and freeing ourselves from the ties that bind us and keep us stuck. Whether that means we’re getting out of our heads or having difficult conversations, the focus is on moving towards that which we want to create.

The message was to focus more on helping all of you, and myself too ultimately, figure out how to block out the confusion and chaos that tends to spin around us, so that we can focus more on moving out of those painful situations that we find ourselves in. There is a lot of self-awareness to be found for all of us in deciding to go after the peace and harmony that we want in our lives. Getting that peace requires a bit of stubbornness and perseverance. It doesn’t just happen, we have to create it.

It is possible to move away from pain. Often that means we have to block out a lot of the chaos to do it. If we are constantly distracted by our lives it’s hard to heal and figure out how to move forward. Essentially we need the Hermit time by ourselves to understand what we’re doing and how to get there. Distractions are just busy energy that keeps us where we are and doesn’t allow us to move forward. If you’re constantly putting out the latest fire, you never have time to do your own thing. Sometimes you have to be willing to just let things burn while you get yourself sorted out.

That message is coming through loud and clear for me. There are distractions around me. There are problems around me. The message on Friday was very clear, that the way through this next few days or a week was to focus on self, Hermit mode, or at least a modified Hermit mode. It wasn’t to deal with the problems directly. It was to do my own work and the problems would fix themselves or the inspiration would come for me to handle things myself. Either way, I had to work on myself and be willing to let things burn while I did it.

You can pull out the popcorn and watch the action because I’m doing what I’m talking about. You’ll know what the outcome is. You’ll see what happens because I’ll share it with you. What I hope you’ll see, if I can successfully pass the class, is that it works. This method of navigation, especially when wanting to create life change, is the way to do it. If I fail, well you’ll see that too because that’s also part of the journey. It’s okay to struggle sometimes. Win, lose, or draw, something will happen and you will know what that is.

This isn’t the first time I’ve made the choice to do the work on myself before trying to fix the things around me. It probably won’t be the last. The first time I consciously made that choice was 7-years ago when I decided to go down this path, to begin with. That was the first time where I actively said I need to heal myself first before I can do anything about the problems in my life. I’ve actively made the choice again on a much smaller scale in a much shorter timeframe to work on myself first before attempting to correct the outside world.

To bring this blog full-circle, that’s why the cards are there with Windfall and Judgement. It was because I made the choice to actively heal myself first. There’s risk there just as there was the last time. But there is also self-awareness, healing, and the ability to share the process with all of you, that makes all of it worthwhile. My commitment is to myself and to this journey of learning and teaching that I’ve found myself on. To that end, I take on some interesting challenges to understand more about life, how it works, and how to navigate it more easily. No, there is no martyrdom about it, I would do it anyway. It’s just much more fun to have a bit of an audience when I do it! HAHAHAHAHA

So, pull up a seat and grab some popcorn. The class is in session. I’ll let you know what I learn and what the outcome is!

Love to all.


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