Healing Sessions

You’re here because you don’t need or want a full private coaching package.

You have something you need to work through and you’re looking for a safe space to do it in.

You’re looking for guidance, clarity, and maybe some energy healing but not a lengthy commitment.

You have a burning question or three and you just need some answers.

What's a Healing Session?

These are individual, private, confidential sessions where you can work through anything that’s bugging you. 

It’s a safe space for you to:

  • Get your questions answered.
  • Get intuitive guidance.
  • Get some energy healing.
  • Talk to transitioned loved ones.
  • Get some tarot cards pulled.
  • Vent, yell, scream, cry or otherwise express emotions you’ve been hanging on to.
  • Just talk to someone who isn’t going to judge you or your circumstances.

Who Am I?

Laura Bungarz

I'm Laura. I'm a trained teacher, author, energy healer, intuitive medium, and coach. I help people create the lives they dream of by teaching them to get out of cycles of self-sabotage and blame. I teach people how to move forward with their dreams and create lives they want to live.
I "awakened" about 7 years ago when my life seemed out of control. I wasn't happy and I knew that I needed to take control over my own life. That began the journey through spirituality, awakening, and healing. Now I help others navigate those same paths.

What I Offer

I have the ability to access a variety of different modalities including:

  • Energy Healing
  • Intuitive Guidance
  • Channeling transitioned loved ones
  • Tarot and Oracle
  • Pendulum questions
  • Finding and communicating with your spirit guides

Any or all of these can be used throughout a session. I’m open to providing whatever modality is most helpful to you at the time.

Why Healing Sessions?

Sometimes we just don’t need lengthy coaching packages. We just need a little bit of time with somebody that isn’t going to judge and won’t try to sell us a huge coaching package at the end. Sometimes we just need a little bit of extra help. That’s why I’m here and that’s what these sessions are for.

Over the years I’ve offered these types of sessions under a variety of different names, the idea has always been the same. They are essentially a safe space for you to work through whatever is happening at the time. 

You have access to any of the different modalities that I offer, such as energy healing, channeling, tarot, and intuitive guidance. Any or all of these can be accessed throughout a session. When combined they are a powerful tool to heal and work through things quickly and safely.

What Some People are Saying...

If someone is out there sitting on the fence, wondering if they should book a session with Laura, do it! She has a gift of tuning in and helping gain clarity, release and guidance like you've likely been waiting/searching for. If you needed a sign this is it! Go for it and book the session! I did and am truly grateful.
I’m very pleased to feel I am continuing to educate my brain and heart regardless of my age, and available time. Laura Bungarz is currently my educator, mentor, coaching person. I appreciate Laura immensely.
Technology was not even a thing, when I attended high school and college. Books and human teachers. That was it! Online courses sounded like a great thing...after MY education days. Casual learning. Learn at your own pace.
Laura has offered challenges for me to take on, ignited many fiery questions directed in me, and is able to create a drive to continue learning more about me. Her courses offer prompt answers to any questions I’ve had, instructional videos, and available printable material. I did not feel rushed through any of the suggested exercises or pressured to answer questions within.
Laura Bungarz is able to offer several courses with various price ranges to choose. I will continue taking courses from Laura. A new course started today. ENERGY filled!!
There’s quite the library of materials Laura’s offering, and it expands, seems like, daily. The information on her FB pages are bursting with information and insights. She has a lot going on. It’ll only take a few minutes to check her out. Thank you, for reading this review. Thank you, Laura.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have access to my calendar through the Private Coaching Portal. Up to 48 hours prior to the appointment, it can be changed or canceled through the calendar.

Within 48 hours of the appointment, please just reach out to me directly.

Sessions are done via Zoom. I will send you a Zoom link via Facebook Messenger or email just before our appointment. 

I have in the past offered to divide up sessions if the entire hour was not needed. I am no longer offering this.

I may in the future consider offering shorter sessions, however they are not available at this time.

Any unused time will not be refunded and cannot be rescheduled.

Once the appointment has started, I cannot offer a refund.

Canceled appointments may be able to be refunded. This will be considered on an individual basis. Please reach out to me directly to discuss the problem.

Yes. Please schedule appointments as soon as possible.

Please reach out to me to schedule a time that works for you.

If you need more than one session in a short period of time, please purchase a private coaching package as this will be more beneficial to you and will allow me to support you between sessions.

I prefer sessions to be used when they are purchased. Please book your sessions as soon as you can.

I offer private coaching packages that allow for bi-weekly coaching sessions with me.

If you’re scheduling individual sessions more than once per month, please purchase a coaching package.

Generally though, if you’re coming back looking for the same guidance regularly, the guidance will stop making sense if asked more than once every 4 to 6 weeks.

There is an option to pay a deposit amount at the time of purchase. 

If you choose this option, the remainder is due in 30 days. 

The appointment cannot be booked until the session is paid in full.

Missed payments will have to be paid manually before the session can be booked. Please reach out to me directly to arrange this.