Human Judgement Can Be Healed

Humans judge everything, from foods they eat, to television shows they watch, to their individual day-to-day experiences, humans judge it all. Duality is part of the human experience; right or wrong, good or bad, up or down, left or right, light or dark, and love or hate. All of them serve a purpose. From our human perspective, we can’t understand one without understanding the other. We need light to understand dark. We need hate to understand love. We need right to understand wrong and we need up to understand down. This is all part of the human experience.

It’s also the thing that gets us into trouble most often. It’s the thing that creates the division, the duality, the political correctness, the fear, the love, the hate, and the reality we have individually and as a collective. What we do with our individual judgement is up to us, however most often it becomes a weapon to beat others that don’t agree with us up with.

If you’re reading this you’re somewhere on the healing journey of spirituality. You understand on some level that as long as we’re judging each other’s realities and viewpoints we will never completely get along. There will always be arguing, fighting and attempts to convince others of the things we believe. You also can understand then, that we have to stop judging each other’s realities and viewpoints. We have to learn to leave each other alone and let each other be.

There are 7 billion versions of reality on this planet, one for each human being that is currently living on Earth. There is much overlap between each of those realities. We can find common ground and, as is human nature, we tend to try and surround ourselves with those people that have a high degree of overlap with us. When we find somebody with a different reality though, we have a few options for how we react. We can leave them where they are, we can tell them how awful their reality is and how much we disagree with their reality, we can call them names, be violent towards them, or try to understand their reality better without judgement.

Understand that it’s not the different realities that are a problem, it’s the judgement of those realities from other people. If we simply stopped judging each other we’d be fine and everybody could just carry on with their lives. To be clear, this isn’t about agreeing with or taking on anybody else’s opinion of anything, this is just simply about not judging the other as right or wrong. It’s about allowing each other to be where we are, in our own realities, doing our own thing peacefully.

Society and government demand that we pick sides, that we have an opinion, that we draw battle lines and that we fight for whatever it is we believe in. The more this is demanded of us, the more divided we become. Spiritually speaking, these are the systems that are collapsing. This collapse scares people because they think they will have to take on somebody else’s version of reality, but that’s not true. What it will do is allow everybody to be in their own bubble their own way, without worrying about bumping up against anybody else. The goal is freedom for each individual to be who they are, how they are, where they are and why they are with no judgement from others.

Is this possible? Only if we begin the process of releasing judgement, which means healing at both the individual and collective levels. That means the vitriol will continue and needs to continue. That means that people need to do the work on an individual level. The reason we react to other people is that they trigger us. The triggers are created through individual experiences. Healing those individual experiences removes the triggers and eventually, the judgement stops. It is through healing that we learn to leave other people alone.

If we continue down that path, it really means we stop responding so much to the outside world. We learn to go inward and remain there. Our internal “weather” creates the external climate we live in. The more we heal the less conflict we create externally because remember, we create our own realities by how we feel on the inside. The reason for the hate and violence is the lack of healing. It’s people holding on to old pain and allowing the external reality to trigger that pain and then responding to it with violence or hate. As those folks begin to heal, the violence and hate stop. This is the work we are all being called to do as the systems all collapse.

It’s a process. We aren’t getting there tomorrow. We will have to live through some very turbulent experience to get there too. People won’t go willingly, heck even those of us that know this stuff don’t always go willingly, but eventually everyone will have to do the work, it will be too uncomfortable not to.

Keep moving forward. Pay attention to your own judgement, your own triggers, your own pain and your own willingness to see it from somebody else’s viewpoint. We’re not here to be perfect. We’re just here to try. Keep trying, that’s all we can do.

Love to all.


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