I Used to Write Poetry

I used to be creative. I used to write poetry and short stories instead of non-fiction. I used to write just for fun with no purpose at all. Then I became an adult and decided productivity was more important and I stopped writing. I stopped reading fiction books. I stopped doing anything that wasn’t what I considered purposeful, entertainment wasn’t good enough anymore.

I’ve started writing again in the last while, but it’s all been productive, with the exception of some journaling on the side. This morning I got this creative spark that I haven’t had in many years. I wrote my first poem in over 25 years. It was very strange to me to grab a new notebook and start writing a poem. It reminded me of my teenage years when I used to do that almost daily.

I understand that I don’t have to share it, that not all my work needs to land in my business. I could leave it in the notebook, unseen by the outside world. But sharing my creative work with you, allows you to see a part of me that I can’t share any other way. No matter how many blogs I write, no matter how many books I publish, there are some things that don’t come through in those other mediums, this is one of them.

While I could have just posted this in my Facebook group or on my wall, I chose to share it here, not because it’s amazing or deserves an award, but because it’s mine and it’s honouring a part of me that I left behind a long time ago.

I teach all the time about honouring ourselves. In many ways, this is me doing what I teach, walking my talk. I hope you’ll appreciate it. Thank you for reading it. Here we go.

The inspiration flow
like waves across the sea.
It knows not where it goes.
It’s happy just to be.

Creativity at its’ heart
is pure and true and right.
It’s felt by those that see it,
it glows within the light.

I don’t know where this leads.
The path is not so clear.
It’s a path that I will follow
One that is not filled with fear.

I am that which I am.
There is nothing else that I can be.
I am meant to flow out freely.
And live life openly.

The inspiration flows
Like waves across the sea.
It knows not where it goes.
It’s happy just to be.

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