Imbolc and 2/2 Tarot Messages

Here are the tarot messages for Imbolc and the 2/2 portal (February 2). This is some powerful energy we have the opportunity to work with today. As of this writing, we also have some solar wind at play, increasing the energetics of today.

The decks used in this reading are The Wheel of Year Tarot by Maria Caratti, The Moonology Oracle deck by Yasmin Boland, the Energy Oracle deck by Sandra Anne Taylor, The Kuan Yin Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild and The Healing Light Lenormand deck by Christopher Butler.

Using the picture below, pick a pile or two and scroll down to read your messages. Please feel free to comment and share the post. Let me know how this resonated for you!

Pile 1

If you chose Pile 1 or Seek the Truth, this is your reading. The cards are the 5 of Swords, A fiery climax approaches, Man Holding a Coin, The Sun and the Letter, and Sisters of the Star Blossoms.

There is some conflict around you, indicated by the 5 of Swords. The conflict could be with the man or person, gender identity is not important, or it could be a fight over money. Both are indicated by the Man Holding a Coin card from the Energy Oracle deck.

There is some communication that needs to happen in order for you to be happy and create a good outcome in this situation, as indicated by the Letter and the Sun. The letter is often written communication, could be a text message or an actual letter, but it doesn’t have to be. The Sun card reminds us to stay positive and happy, expecting the best outcome possible in any situation.

There will be a very powerful outcome as indicated by the fiery climax in the Moonology card. This doesn’t necessarily mean a bad outcome though, it is likely more that the outcome will be unexpected. Something will happen that you’re not planning on or can’t see yet.

The Kuan Yin card, Sisters of the Star Blossoms, is talking about how powerful the energy of a group of people can be. It is reminding you to take time away for yourself so that you can shore up your own energy. Being influenced by others’ energy isn’t always helpful and it’s important to maintain your own energy and clarity in this situation. This will also help you stay in balance.

There seems to be some need to seek the truth in this situation. Maybe somebody has been withholding information from you or maybe you just don’t have all the information yet. There is something that isn’t clear to you that will change this situation for you. Biding your time a little and not being in a hurry, may be the best course of action here.

Focus on the outcome you want to achieve and not the conflict that might be around you. You can handle whatever happens, Pile 1.

Pile 2

If you chose You Are Okay, this is your reading. The cards are the 6 of Cups, Ying Yang, The Whip and the Bear, Nothing will come of this situation, and Sacred River Yangtze.

The overall energy of this reading is that you will be fine. Whatever is happening for you right now will not be a problem going forward. When the Moonology card, Nothing will come of this situation, shows up, it usually means that the outcome will not be a bad one. There is no danger in what’s happening around you right now.

The Whip and the Bear are indicating that you’re feeling the need to protect yourself. The Whip can be about shame or guilt, it can be about aggression, and it can also be about defending yourself. The Bear is about power and control. Together they combine to mean that you’re feeling the need to defend yourself in this situation. The other cards suggest that this may be unnecessary, since nothing bad is going to happen. You are safe.

Yin Yang is about balance and maintaining your balance. It is easy to let life throw us off balance. It happens to all of us all the time. The more we can recognize that we are supported and taken care of, the more balance we can maintain. Keep your focus off the conflict as much as possible. That will help you maintain your balance.

The 6 of Cups is a nostalgia cards, it’s about memories. My feeling is that you’ve been through this before, this is a recurring pattern for you, and so you’re reacting based on those old memories, instead of where you are now. You’re not who you were then. You’re not your memories. You have far more power than you give yourself credit for. Let the memories go so that you can see this situation clearly and respond from your power and your sense of balance.

The Sacred River Yangtze card is the energy of going with the flow. It’s about listening to your higher self, trusting the Universe, As things happen around you, you have the ability to learn from them and grow stronger through these experiences. The last line in the book says everything you need to know:

“Be kind and patient, stay true to yourself and trust that spiritual growth serves all.”

Pile 3

If you chose Vivid Dreams, this is your reading. The cards are The Thinking Man, Adjustments are Required, the Ace of Pentacles, The Key and the Cross, and Vale of Shadows.

Clarity comes through healing the deeper parts of ourselves, the things we don’t like to look at, the stuff in the shadows. We all have shadow aspects and what we do with them, how we use them, how we heal them, is an important part of how we navigate life.

Clarity is coming for you, maybe through vivid dreams, but you are being shown what work needs to be done in order for you to be successful. The Ace of Pentacles is a card of success. You are allowed to have what you want, but in order to do that, sometimes we have to heal the shadow bits, the parts we don’t necessarily like about ourselves.

The Thinking Man oracle suggests that it is time to skip the logic and drop down into your heart space. You can’t think your way through this one. You have to allow yourself to feel. It’s similar to being in a dark room and trying to feel for the furniture with your hands before accidently stubbing your toe. This is the process that you need to be engaged in now with your shadow self. Feel around for the obstacles that may be in your way before you hurt yourself on them.

The Vale of Shadows is about doing that inner work. It is about finding and focusing on the things that may be causing you trouble so that you can release them. Nobody likes to do this work, but it is a necessary part of the healing process.

The Key and the Cross are about finding the solution in taking on the pain. We have to acknowledge the pain the Cross in order to find the solution in the Key. The Key is about solutions, things opening up, it can be a literal key. The Cross can have religious connotations, but it is also about pain, burden and responsibility. Combined they ask you to take responsibility for your own pain and burdens so that you can release them.

If you’ve chosen Pile 3, this isn’t an easy path but it is one that will be very rewarding for you. Stay strong my friends.

Pile 4

If you chose Pile 4 and You have the skills, this is your reading. Your cards are the 4 of Wands, Deceit, A new romantic cycle begins, the Heart and the House, and Dynasty of the Divine Mother.

If you were looking for a partner, a divine counterpart, here they come! This is the relationship pile. If that doesn’t resonate with you, you may want to pick a different pile.

The 4 of Wands is a card of marriage and relationship, happiness, success, joy and fulfillment. It is often referred to as the 11 11 card because of how the 4 wands are pictured on the card.

The Moonology card, A new romantic cycle is beginning, is tipping you off that a new relationship is coming in. If you are single, this could be somebody new or it could be a past person re-entering your life, we are in Mercury Retrograde after all. If you are already taken, this doesn’t have to mean a break up, it can simply mean that a new happier, more connected chapter in your relationship is beginning.

Somebody has been hiding their feelings in this relationship. That’s what the Deceit card is talking about. Somebody has not been honest about their feelings towards you, or maybe it’s you that hasn’t been honest with somebody. Either way, these feelings need to come to light and it seems as though that will happen soon enough.

The Heart and the Home indicate that feelings have been kept private. The Heart is love and emotion. The Home can mean private. It can also mean the family home or the family in general. Combined these two cards are echoing the message in the Deceit card. These feelings though, need to be shared, privately. They need to be expressed in some way, there may be a conversation that needs to be had, but in some form, these feelings will come to light.

The Dynasty of the Divine Mother is reflecting the power of this relationship and this experience in your life. This relationship is coming in for you to learn from. You are gaining enlightenment through this process. It is reminding you that enlightenment doesn’t always look and feel the way we imagine it should. Sometimes we are meant to be enlightened not by books and spiritual teachers, but by life itself. That is certainly the case for you.

You have the skills to navigate the challenges that will come with this relationship, including the conversation is going to occur. You can handle this. Your life has been guiding you to this moment and you are ready for it.


There are some very challenging moments coming for many of you. While these moments may not be easy, we are all meant to learn from these experiences. They are part of our growth and our spiritual path. All of us will be okay. We will all get through this, together.

Love to all.


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