Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings allow people to gain clarity around the situations and circumstances currently affecting them.

It’s typical human nature to be very focused on individual problems. The mind loves to make up stories about what is happening, why and what the outcome may be. Part of our growing process here on planet Earth is to get untangled from the mind, often easier to talk about than to do.

As life happens for you and around you, you get to make choices about which things are yours and which things are not. You decide which rocks to pick up and which rocks to leave on the ground. The rocks aren’t meant to be collected though, even the ones you’re meant to pick up aren’t meant to be kept. They are meant to be looked at, examined and let go of.

Intuitive readings allow you to get a perspective from someone that isn’t attached to or examining the same rock as you are. They are outside of the problem and therefore able to gain a higher perspective more quickly.

The intuitive part means that there are messages from source or the Universe brought in to assist and provide further clarity around what the next steps may be or what healing still needs to be done.

The intuitive readings I provide are just conversations we have about life and the things that are going on. I often use tarot to augment that and help that process. It’s visual confirmation of what’s being talked about and what I’m intuitively being given.

The readings I offer can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. They can be anything you need in the moment. The focus of the reading can either be a specific question or left up to what the Universe wants you to know. The choice is yours.

Simply select the length of reading you would like and you’ll be given the opportunity to select an appointment time.

I look forward to helping you gain the clarity you’re looking for! It is absolutely my honor to work with everybody I get the chance to!