Is Karma Really a Bitch?

The short answer is maybe.

Most people see karma as the thing that happens to somebody when they do something wrong. It’s calling somebody names and then slamming your fingers in the car door. When people think karma, this is generally how it’s viewed but this is only one side of the story. Karma isn’t just retribution for bad things, it’s also payment for doing good as well. It’s helping somebody move and then getting flowers delivered from a friend.

Karma is really just the law of balance. It states that when things get out of balance, whether positively or negatively, the Universe eventually re-balances itself and corrects the problem. Sometimes it happens almost immediately, and sometimes it happens years later. Karma may happen in this lifetime or another one. It doesn’t really matter. Remember that time is a human concept, not a Universal one. The point is that eventually, the Universe does balance itself out, whether we as human beings, recognize it or not.

This idea of karma begs the question of what happens when we hurt somebody? Is karma always going to come and bite us in the butt? Not necessarily.

Actions that are in alignment don’t always feel good for everybody involved in the action. It is possible to be in complete alignment and end a relationship at the same time. The end of the relationship is divinely guided and considered necessary. Any pain experienced by either party is just a by-product of the need for balance by ending the relationship. The intent is not the pain, the intent is the ending of the relationship. The end of the relationship is in fact karmic and therefore creates balance by itself.

To take that one step further, we can’t also assume that the pain associated with the break-up is somehow karmic payback or punishment for something. It is likely nothing more than a re-direction and a new path for both parties. Again, the intent of the Universe is never to hurt us. We experience pain generally because we don’t see things from a Universal perspective. We frequently feel pain where our higher selves or the Universe does not. This is part of the human experience. There is nothing wrong with it.

So karma is both positive and negative. It can happen over the course of multiple lifetimes and is not necessarily based on the current physical experience the human is having. It is a spiritual law of balance that takes place over time. We can come into human forms with karma attached and live out a life where we balance the scales so to speak. We can also come into human form karma-free and simply get to roam around and enjoy the experience or create new karma for ourselves along the way.

We are able to break karmic attachments and cycles when we understand that we are in them. This is where awareness helps. Karmic attachments are easily broken on your own simply asking to have the cycle broken. A quick Google search will bring up dozens of ideas for how to do this. It is also possible to access a healer or psychic like me to help you with this process if you’re not comfortable doing it on your own. Remember that these attachments are just energetic cords. They are usually easily broken as long as neither party is still feeding the relationship energy.

When we move in alignment it means we are in balance ourselves. If that alignment is being reflected in our actions, then anything we do will ultimately always be in balance too, meaning the scales stay level. Hurting the feelings of others is not necessarily seen as a bad thing. Simply ask if taking that step is in the highest good of all. The answer you get will confirm what you know to be true.

I hope that helps to explain what karma is and what it isn’t.

Love to all.


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