It Doesn’t Have to Be That Hard

Did you catch the shift in how I approach my work these days?

For the longest time, I had one foot out the door, ready to abandon ship if something happened and I couldn’t fix it or make it work. I didn’t trust it and that meant I couldn’t commit to it. I knew what I wanted, but I needed it to prove itself to me. Well, do I even need to say what that created?

We all know that we have to leap first. If you want a business you can trust to support you, you have to trust it to support you before it actually does. Needless to say, I couldn’t get to where I wanted to go from where I was. Trying to do my work with one foot out the door always left me wanting more. It needed to change.

I made the choice long ago to do this work so that I could reach my goals. As part of that, I had to be willing to deal with whatever showed up as a result of my choices. Well, I’ve faced my share of crap and successfully managed to overcome all of it. I’ve squashed fear, habits of response that weren’t helpful, ideas, beliefs, and ways of being. It’s taken me 7 years of doing this in one form or another to finally get to a place where I can say, not only am I committed to it, but I’ve begun to find the power of it as well.

I say all that not just to make myself feel good, but also because I want you to know it’s possible. I want you to know that you can do it if you keep going. The slogging is real sometimes, I get it. I’ve slogged a lot in the last few years. It ends though. It stops being painful. It starts to feel like you’re actually getting somewhere eventually.

There’s a reason for all of it. I know that our perception can be quite limited and it can feel like we have no idea what’s going to happen or how it all fits together, but I promise you it does. Whatever the lesson is that you’re in the middle of right now, there’s a reason for it, there’s a purpose behind it, there’s a method in the madness. If you keep going and you allow the dots to connect, you will figure out what the purpose is.

It’s not that the learning ever really stops. Life continues on and as it does we gain more clarity, there are more lessons, more challenges, and more things to understand. That process doesn’t have to be as hard as it has been or that we make it out to be. It can be easier than we allow it to be. The reason we make it so difficult for ourselves is because of those crazy ideas, because of those habits of response, and because we buy into the human story and the fear of the ego.

As we get control, as we put the ego and the mind in their respective places and begin to drive our own bus our own way, we become far less concerned about what’s going on around us and whether or not the ego is still afraid. It really doesn’t matter if the ego is afraid. If you understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, and you make a firm choice to do it anyway, you’ll overcome the fear every time. That happens whether things work out the way you think they should or not.

Remember, if they don’t work out quite right, it’s because there is something there for you to learn. It’s not a bad thing, it’s a learning experience. It’s all about our perception and how we see the events of our lives. Good or bad, right or wrong, they all serve a purpose. That purpose is to show you the power you have within you to create the life you want. The more pain you feel, the more you need to do the work for yourself so that you can be okay. The first step to that is giving yourself permission to move forward. You have to make the choice to commit to yourself and your own happiness.

Sometimes, we use the fear and pain that come up as an excuse. We decide that because the emotions are there we can’t move forward until we release all the emotion. Here’s the thing; the emotions don’t go away until you do the thing you’re afraid of. It doesn’t stop until you move forward. The only way to get rid of the pain is to do something differently. That’s it. As long as you sit there and wait for the pain to go away before you move, you’ll stay where you are. We can’t wait for the emotions to die off before we move forward. It doesn’t work like that. We have to be able to manage the emotions so that we move forward anyway. Then eventually the emotion fades away and there is nothing left to manage.

The goal of my work is to empower you to feel better, to move forward, to be okay, and to know for sure that you can have what you want. You’re allowed to be happy. I’m going to keep going, keep finding ways to offer you those things because I had to do a lot of work to find them for myself. I already know, I can make it much easier for you than I ever made it for myself.

Love to all.


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