It’s Time to Come Out!

It’s Time to Come Out!

One of the big pushes right now is for those of us that are awake to come out of our hiding spots and share our messages. We are needed to help steady those that are just awakening now.

The planet is currently receiving a lot of powerful energy to help shift us forward. One of the things that happens during these energy waves is that people wake up. It’s just part of the process.

It’s important to remember that not everybody will wake up. They aren’t meant to. Some have come here to remain in 3D and stay asleep. That is okay. They still have their purpose on this planet. It is not our job to wake them up or heal them. They have their own path and purpose here on this planet. We need to allow that. Send them love and compassion just the same. Staying in 3D is not an easy journey right now.

The people that we do need to focus on are the ones that are awake or awakening. Most are awakening with a jolt from one minute to the next. There is a lot of “immediate and sudden” awakening taking place versus the often gradual process a lot of us went through. They will be moving at warp speed through the healing process too. It will be much faster for the ones awakening now than it was for many of us who have been slogging through mud for a long time.

Why will they go so quickly? Because they are needed to help even more awaken. This whole thing happens in waves with large groups of people awakening at once, doing their work and then getting ready to help the next wave along. For those of us that have been around a while, it’s important that we hold the proverbial boat steady, make space and provide the love, compassion and support that is needed on this journey.

Ultimately we all do this in our own space and time. But there are two very important messages here. First and foremost, get your message out there. You are needed right now. The Universal energy is supporting you. Go do the thing! You’ll feel better when you start sharing and supporting. It’ll give you the energy you need to deal with your own stuff. It’ll provide purpose and motivation, particularly as the 3D world becomes less and less interesting.

Second, hold space, compassion and love for the ones awakening now because we know how bumpy this journey can be. The ascension symptoms and emotional outbursts will be present. There may not be clear understanding as to what is happening or why. They may feel like they are going crazy. We can all relate because we’ve all felt that way until we find others that are experiencing the same things.

Come out of the spiritual closet and start sharing. Personally, I’m being pushed to make more things public, to not simply share to the small group I have on Facebook, but to share far and wide so that people can receive the messages and information I am given. It’s time folks, it’s simply time.

Love to all on the journey!


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