Leaving 2020 Behind

Every year at this time, particularly in spiritual circles, we discuss leaving behind the previous year. How do we do it? Why should we do it? What if we don’t do it? What happens if I don’t clear it before midnight on New Year’s eve?

These are valid questions. What I want to do with you is share my own process for letting go of the previous year. It’s not as hard as you may think, but the benefit of it is a clean slate and a fresh start. Let’s just make it clear, every minute is a fresh start if we want it to be. There is no need to wait for New Year’s day to begin again. But if we want or need to have that formality of the New Year holiday, then let’s go for it.

If major trauma was experienced in the previous year that becomes the exception to the rule. There is no expectation of anybody to be able to leave behind major trauma in a New Year ritual. Leave that alone in this case. Let’s stick to the smaller stuff that’s easier to manage.

First and foremost, forgive the people around you for the small stuff. Let people off the hook. Let yourself off the hook and forgive yourself for not having that perfect year you wanted to have. In real terms, 2020 was what it was. Good or bad, right or wrong, 2020 is an enigma and will remain that way. Just get okay with the idea that things may not have gone as planned and that gets to be okay too.

Forgive 2020 for being warped because it was. Whether it directly impacted you or not, it’s been a weird year. I have not been directly impacted by the pandemic, but it has been weird, even for me. That’s okay. A weird year, with strange things happening, in my view, is even more of an excuse to let myself off the hook and just be okay with what was.

We can’t fight what is or what was. They just are. Stop arguing with it. Let it be and move on from it. There is no going back now. Arguing with it only carries it forward. It brings it into the next year and then we spend the next year arguing about what is and complaining about what was. To put it plainly, knock it off!

Part of my process also includes giving myself a pat on the back for the work I have done and the things I did do. I pat myself on the back for simply surviving. Good for us! We all did it! That on its own is something to celebrate this year.

I spend some time looking at the places I messed up too. This isn’t the place where we take out the club and beat ourselves silly. This is the place to recognize the imperfections and find ways that we may be able to improve, without beating on ourselves. We were doing the best we could from where we were and that’s good enough. It’s okay to be human.

It’s me, so I’d be lying if I said I didn’t pull some tarot cards. I pull some for the previous year and some for the year ahead. Sometimes I’ll find a tarot spread on Google, sometimes I make up my own, and sometimes I just ask for a message about the year gone by. However I do it, I reflect on the messages and take the lessons forward into the year ahead.

Remember when you’re working through this, it may not happen all in one sitting. It may not happen all in one day or even a week. It may happen over a period of time. That’s okay. Allow the process to be what it is, just keep moving forward. Make sure you’re not spinning you wheels, don’t unpack and live there, keep going. Take the time you need and acknowledge when a rest is required. It’s okay to struggle with this process. Oh, and it doesn’t have to be done by midnight on New Year’s Eve. It’s okay to bring it into the next year as much as you need to.

Happy New Year everybody! Thanks for joining me on the journey that was 2020 and I look forward to writing more for you in 2021.

Love to all.


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