Life Sucks: Now What?

There are many of us out there who are unhappy with our realities. We are wanting change in our lives, we may or may not know how to create that change. Maybe we feel stuck in our current realities. We look at what is going on around us and we’re frustrated by systems and circumstances. Social media is becoming a giant mine field of information and disinformation. People are arguing with each other all over the place. Nobody seems to want to listen to each other. 2020 is the gift that keeps on giving with one thing after another this year. The world seems to be a gigantic train wreck waiting to happen and nobody seems to have any idea how to slow it down. Now what?

Let’s start with the basics. The first thing to do is to figure out what’s yours and what’s not. Not everything that’s happening around you affects you directly. You get to decide what you take on and what you don’t. It’s a choice. Just because it’s put in front of you doesn’t mean you have to pick it up. Reacting and responding is a choice. Choose wisely.

Second, stop arguing with what is. The system is what it is. I think most of us reading this can agree that it needs to change. We may not agree on how it needs to change and that’s okay. The truth is the more we argue with what is, the more of what is we get, whether we want it or not.

There are some in the spiritual community who seem to get ahead of the curve a little bit and it can create a lot of frustration, a feeling of loneliness and a sense of feeling out of place in the world. What I mean is that we have groups of people who see where things are going and want to bring it into the present. The problem with trying to do that too soon is that, because the world hasn’t gotten that far yet, it does them a disservice. They tend to make their current realities very uncomfortable.

For example, we have a group who see money as the problem and stop believing in money or wanting to have money. Well, they end up broke and homeless because of it. Yes, the financial system will collapse, but if you get too far ahead of where we are, you do yourself a disservice and render yourself powerless.

As another example, we have a group who see the media as the problem and stop watching the news or start following other sources. They too make themselves very uncomfortable and put themselves at odds with those around them that are still relying on the media for information. This is how our system is currently set up, like it or not. Yes, this system too, will collapse. But getting too far ahead of it or looking for alternatives that may or may not be reliable, is potentially quite a dangerous rabbit hole to go down. If nothing else, it definitely makes reality much more complicated to deal with.

Arguing with reality, trying to create an alternative reality that isn’t really available yet, makes life uncomfortable. It’s great to be spiritual, to see that the systems need to collapse and that things need to change and to understand where we’re going, but it only works if you stay grounded in the reality that we’re in, otherwise you’re just miserable and triggered all the time.

None of this implies that we should be sucking it up and dealing with it. The goal is to come up with an alternative and begin working towards it. Put your energy into what you want instead of what you don’t want, while staying grounded in what is. The current reality gives us the platform to work from. It’s the starting point from which to create something new and better. Decide what better looks like and put your energy into creating that while allowing yourself to remain comfortable where you are.

The systems can seem limiting, and I understand why people want to get out of them, stop buying into them or disregard them entirely, but the truth is they only limit you if you allow them to. By disregarding the financial system and specifically the concept of money, people are trying to free themselves from that system. What if instead of making themselves uncomfortable by disregarding a system that the world very much relies on, they simply allowed themselves to create the abundance that they needed to live the life they wanted? What if instead of placing blame on different systems for creating fear or panic in the world, we simply took responsibility for our own feelings? It’s up to us to consciously decide how to respond, emotionally and mentally, to everything we come into contact with every day of our lives.

By trying to drop certain systems prematurely, it effectively becomes a form of spiritual bypassing. We don’t want to deal with the trigger of it, so we try to drop it entirely. This becomes disempowering because your power is in the present where you are, with the systems as they are. Your power is not in creating a bubble that protects you from the things that trigger you. Your power is in healing the triggers so that you can accept the reality as it is, even as you work to change it.

Your reality is your choice because you’re choosing how to respond to everything that shows up. If you don’t want something, then you just don’t respond to it. Eventually, you’ll stop noticing it. That thing probably won’t go away though, it just won’t be on your radar anymore. That’s how you choose your own reality. Don’t go looking for an alternative reality that you like better. Don’t try to create an artificial bubble that’s easily popped every time you get triggered. Create your reality by healing your triggers, reacting only to the things that you want to see and drop the rest. This allows you to be comfortable in your existing reality while working towards creating something better.

So here’s how to be happy: choose how to feel every moment of every day, decide what to respond and what not to respond to, heal your triggers and get okay with what is while working to change it into something better. It’s simple, not necessarily easy, but it is simple. Everything is a choice, everything. What are you choosing? Is it making you happy? If not, what are you doing about it?

Sending love to all.


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