Mirror Mirror

What’s a mirror and what’s not? How do we know the difference? What do we do with this information anyway?

If we use our entire lives as a mirror we’ll be frustrated fast. Not every car that cuts you off on your way to work is a mirror. Not every rude person in the grocery store is a mirror. Sometimes stuff just happens, it’s not necessarily a reflection of us at the time, it’s just a thing that happened.

What I find, and likely what you’re experiencing too, is that the people around you are mirrors. They are having parallel or similar experiences. They are getting similar messages to your own. You’re surrounded by people that are working through the same stuff you are. That’s a good thing. It provides support when you need it. It provides a sense of security knowing you’re not the only one going through this. It makes you feel less like you’re flying solo all the time. Help each other as much as you can.

You may also have a relationship or two around you that seems like it’s not a mirror because everything seems to be happening in reverse. Reflections show up backwards in a mirror. Reflections in people can show up backwards too. If it’s a romantic relationship maybe one of you is afraid of commitment and the other is afraid to lose the relationship without a commitment. It’s two sides of the same coin and they will end the relationship if not dealt with. Maybe one of you is afraid of success and the other failure. Again those are opposites but also the same in many respects.

What those relationships show us is the mirror image of our own experience. The energies are the same, fear is fear. What we’re afraid of may appear different, but if we’re both afraid, it doesn’t work. These situations give us the benefit of being able to learn from the other one. If you’re like me, you’ll see them clearly and not yourself. There’s a method to that madness. It really does give you everything you need to help yourself if you’re paying attention.

We can see our pain in other people. We can also see our strengths. Some experiences absolutely do reflect where we are in the moment, but not all of them. How do we know the difference? We listen to our intuition. Was there a message in what just happened? Trust the answer you get.

These little messages are everywhere. We can find them all day every day if we simply look for them. It’s okay to ask for them and it’s okay to look for them. Don’t ignore them when you get them and don’t take on messages that aren’t yours.

Much love.


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