New Community: Empowerment HQ

I don’t post this kind of stuff very often, but I wanted to make sure everybody had the opportunity to see it both here and on Facebook.

I have added, as the blog title suggests, something called Empowerment HQ to my website. It’s a group chat, hangout space for people to gather that is not Facebook. Why?

Personally, I’m wanting to get away from Facebook somewhat. I spend a lot of time there currently because it’s where most of my business happens and I want to change that.

I also see social media as somewhat of a wild card these days. Without making this post a political one, governments seem to be pushing towards censoring people heavily. When we censor one we censor all. It will become a very black and white environment where either everything will be allowed or nothing will be. The job of moderating millions of posts every day is impossible. We already see the flaws in it as people complain about being censored for the most mundane of posts. Those censoring issues are technical ones because Facebook is trying to use computers to do this instead of thousands of humans. It makes sense, yes, but it also means mistakes are more easily made and they aren’t always corrected by human intervention.

I see governments attempting to make social media companies legally responsible for every post, making social media an untenable business model and intentionally or unintentionally forcing them to shut down.

With all of that said, I have created a community here. I will not be shutting down the Facebook group for the time being. I may not be as consistent and all new or original content from me will be posted here.

For those that have accounts already on this site because you’ve purchased products or services from me, you already have an account in Empowerment HQ. I tied everything together so that only one account is needed. You can setup your profile or not. It is your choice. All order history, subscriptions and memberships (like the Private Coaching Portal) can be found through one profile which is now part of Empowerment HQ.

If you are new to me and purchase something, you will have a profile created automatically. Again, just like with existing users, whether you use it or not is entirely your choice. I’ve tied them together only for simplicity.

If you have questions, please reach out and ask me.

There is a very special offer hiding in the group I created called “New Products and Offers”. Head over there now to check it out.

Whether you join me here or not, thanks for hanging out with me! I appreciate the support of everybody around me.

Love to all.


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