New Moon Eclipse in Gemini Tarot Messages

I was going to do this on video today but we had some drama last night. So in order to protect my energy a bit today, I am doing the blog thing! I will try to get a video out with some additional messages soon!

We have multiple planets in or going into retrograde. We have this New Moon in Gemini on Thursday as well, that just happens to be accompanied by an eclipse. This is some crazy energy. I hope you all are managing the plot twists and changes that are coming up right now.

The decks I used for this reading are: Golden Universal Tarot by Lo Scarabeo, Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid, Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor, The Romance Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Moonology Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland, Butterfly Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Lenormand Oracle by Laura Tuan. I also added my own oracle deck, Simple Messages Oracle. Click the link to grab your copy. The good ole’ bag of tricks is also out for this adventure!

Below is a picture of the four piles, left to right. Just pick your pile and scroll down to reveal your messages!

Pile 1

The cards are the Hanged Man, Tower, Anchor, Deceit, Playfulness, Meditate and Contemplate, End of an Era, The Horse King. From my own deck, You are not stuck. The message from the Bag of Tricks is Look Around You.

This pile is certainly synchronistic with multiple repeat messages for confirmation. Let’s look at the pairs that essentially mean the same thing.

Look Around You and the Hanged Man are the same messages. The Hanged Man’s job is to look around him and see things from a different perspective. That’s exactly why he’s hanging upside down from a tree. It gives him a new angle to look at things from. Sometimes we get stuck in our own train of thought, our own way of viewing the world. But that way isn’t always right and it’s not always the best way to see things. Start looking around, question what you think you see. You may find a different angle that makes much more sense and is easier to deal with.

You are not stuck and the Anchor also have similar meanings. Think of what an anchor does to a boat, it keeps it in place. That’s stuck energy in this reading. We’re not moving because we think we can’t. We believe we’re tied down but we’re not. The ability to move forward goes back to that idea of perspective. What do you believe is true about the situation you’ve found yourself in? Why do you believe that? The world may be showing you that, but is it actually true? Just because it’s being reflected back to you doesn’t mean it’s true. It just means it’s what you believe at the moment. You have the power to change things. Look around, question yourself and your beliefs, and allow yourself to pull up the anchor and move forward.

I’ve been talking about truth and guess what? The Deceit card is in the pile! It’s not anybody around you that’s deceiving you, it’s you deceiving yourself. It’s your view of things right now that has you in trouble, nothing else! Go hang from a tree like our guy in the tarot card there and get yourself a different perspective so you can move forward! 🙂

Let’s go back to those Lenormand cards, the Tower and the Anchor. If I could represent stuck and blocked with 2 cards from any deck, these would be them! The Tower is one of isolation, boundaries and barriers. It represents the walls we put up around ourselves to protect ourselves. The Anchor as we’ve already talked about, is about stability, being stuck, and staying in one place. Whoever this reading is referring to, you or somebody in your life, they are stuck and not moving. They have walled themselves off, thrown the anchor down and they are digging in their proverbial heals. There is no movement here at all. The thing is, the only thing that’s blocking them is their own perspective. There isn’t anything stopping them from moving forward except themselves. It’s crazy how much our perspective and what we think affects our ability to act, isn’t it?

The Horse King is interesting. It’s all about entitlement and control. Well clearly, this person wants to be in control. If we’re putting up all these walls and planting roots, we’re wanting control over our situation. Sometimes though, we have to let go of control. We have to allow the weather around us to be what it is and find the stability and structure within ourselves. The outside world isn’t going to provide that for us most of the time. There is just too much chaos out there for us to find control or structure by looking around.

The last 3 cards are advice cards in my opinion. Playfulness is reminding us to take things a little less seriously. Lighten up a bit! Life is not this big serious thing we like to make it out to be. Find a way to lighten the load and release the tension. This will work out in the end. There is nothing here to suggest it won’t. So relax!

Speaking of relax, we have Meditate and Contemplate. This is one of the ways we can shift our perspective some, by going within and asking our hearts or higher selves what to do. Spend some time reflecting without taking on that story you’re telling yourself right now. See what comes up that is different from what you’ve been telling yourself in your head.

The final card is End of Era. Yes this spread indicates change is coming. We’re letting go of an old way of being and creating a new one. In order to do this, we have to let go of the old perspective too. Allow the shift. It’ll be okay. Everything will work out!

I hope that helps Pile 1! Thanks for reading.

Pile 2

The cards in this pile are: 4 of Swords, Coffin, Ring, Rest and Rejuvenation, Separation, The energy is gaining momentum, Hobbies, The Resting Tree, Your physical body needs attention and Release the pain.

This pile is all about taking a break. There are multiple cards with the same message. We have the 4 of Swords, Rest and Rejuvenation, and The Resting Tree. So, Pile 2, in all caps here: TAKE A BREAK! I don’t know how many ways one pile can say the same thing, but here are 3! Chill!

The bigger question in this pile is why do you need to take the break in the first place. I think the answer is clear as well. There is something you’re holding on to that needs to be let go of. In other words, give it a rest. There is some pain, some trauma, a relationship of some kind, that you’re refusing to let go of. Once again, we have multiple cards with similar messages. The Coffin talks about ending or burying something, Release the pain, and Separation. This is all about endings Pile 2. Let this whatever it is go, because it’s causing you pain. It’s stressing you out. It’s causing anxiety. Quite frankly, there are better things coming if you’d just stop holding on to the side of the proverbial pool.

The Ring talks about some sort of commitment or contract you have in place. The coffin talks about that commitment or contract ending. The Ring represents whatever you need to let go of and the Coffin is the indication that it’s time to let it go.

The energy is gaining momentum just means the shift is happening, whether you come or not. It’s inevitable. You can be dragged by it or you can get with the program. The choice is really yours, but you can’t stay where you are. You have to move forward. Give yourself a well-deserved time out to clear your head and get focused, then let go of the side of the pool and trust that things will work out the way they are supposed to.

Hobbies are a good way to relax and take your mind off things. Do something creative, something fun for you. This is a great way to relax and unwind a little bit before you set off on the next big part of your journey. You’re going to be fine Pile 2. Trust this shift!

That was a short pile because those messages are obvious. Relax, do something you enjoy, then let go of whatever you’re holding on to!

Let me know how it goes Pile 2!

Thanks for reading!

Pile 3

The cards in this pile are: Knight of Wands, Stork, Moon, Caring Connections, Pay attention to the red flags, Show the world the real you, Forgiveness, The Cosmos, Let the past go and Walk away.

We have had a lot of repetitive messages within each pile so far. Pile 3, you are not an exception to this trend!

We have Walk away, Let the Past go, the Stork, and the Knight of Wands. Those are all about leaving, letting go, walking away, and moving on. The Knight of Wands is moving at a clip. He’s not slow. He’s decided he’s out of there and that’s exactly what he’s doing. That’s our first hint. Now we have Walk away. Well, it doesn’t get much more obvious than that, get moving Pile 3! We also have Let the past go, which is another sign that whatever you’re still in is now part of your past. It is not meant to come into your future. So why are you still holding on to it? I included the Stork here because the Stork is about change and transformation. You’ve changed Pile 3, and you are no longer a match to this old situation you’re in. It’s time to go. Get on your horse like the Knight and gallop on out of there.

We have Caring Connections, my feeling here is that either this connection is the thing you need to leave because it’s no longer so caring, or simply that you need to reach out to those around you that do care. Take that as it makes sense for you. ‘

The reason I say the connection may no longer be so caring is because of the card beside it, Pay attention to the red flags. Something is being shown to you. There’s a reason you need to leave. Are you seeing what that is? This cycle isn’t healthy anymore. It’s time to leave it behind.

Show the world the real you I feel is more about you being honest about the changes you’ve made within yourself. The Stork is here too, indicating that you’ve changed. This situation is no longer honoring the person that you’ve become. What’s different about you Pile 3? How have you grown and changed? Do you see that you no longer fit this scenario?

The other Lenormand card is the Moon. The Moon in this deck is about emotions and intuition. It can be a literal moon or nighttime as well. It’s also about things that are hidden. Your transformation (the Stork( is hidden right now isn’t it, Pile 3? You’re not letting it out from behind the cover because you’re afraid of what might happen. You’ve outgrown the container you’re in and you’re not allowing your life to move forward just yet. It’s okay to transplant yourself once you outgrow the container you’re in. You’d do that for a seedling that got too big for it’s pot wouldn’t you? So do that for yourself.

Forgiveness. The only thing I want you to even consider forgiving is yourself, for changing. It’s okay that you grew. It’s okay that you expanded. It’s okay that you need to move on. Do that. Spread your wings and fly, just like the butterfly on the card. You’re not a caterpillar anymore.

The final card is The Cosmos. You have the vastness and creativity of the Universe or Cosmos within you. As you grow, you allow more of that vastness within you to appear and expand you. You are the Cosmos, Pile 3. Feel that expansion within yourself and allow it to help you move your life forward.

I hope that helped Pile 3. Onward and upward my friends!

Thanks for reading!

Pile 4

The cards in this pile are: Fool, Whip, Tree, Door to romance, Religious Factors, Bring love into the situation, Welcome the New, The Metal King, You have all you need to be successful and Relax.

Pile 4, you’re the only pile without massive repetition. So let’s go through the cards and see what’s up. Looks like some love may be on the horizon here.

The Fool is a card of freedom and new beginnings. He’s the first card in the major arcana in tarot. He’s naïve, he’s free, he’s immature, he’s carefree, and he’s totally doing his own thing without a care in the world. This card is encouraging you to do your own thing as well. You are free to move forward. The question is, do you believe that?

The Whip is a card of confrontation and arguments. Don’t argue with reality. Don’t argue with yourself. Heck, don’t argue with other people. With the Tree there as well, it’s the indication that you’re fighting with yourself. The Tree is about your own physical body. It’s about your own growth, your roots, who you are. Don’t argue with your own freedom or your own truth. You are who you are. Be proud of that.

One of the things the Fool has is that little pack attached to the end of the stick. In that pack is everything he’ll need on his journey. He doesn’t worry about anything because he knows he has all the tools. The card at the top says You have all you need to be successful, and you do. You’ve learned enough, grown enough , changed enough, and you’re resourceful enough to make this shift for yourself. You don’t need anything else, you just think you do.

Door to romance could absolutely be a new relationship you’ve been wanting. If it is, you’re ready for it. Go ahead and do your thing. This could also be a door to simply loving yourself more, getting okay with who you are and what you are. There is definitely a feeling of self-acceptance within this pile. It’s okay to be who you are.

The Romance Angels are highlighting religious factors, which doesn’t surprise me. You’re on your spiritual journey and the beliefs you’ve picked up along that path are absolutely affecting not only your love life, but you in general. Don’t shift your beliefs to be in a relationship or keep somebody happy. Be who you are and if the other person doesn’t like it, that’s their thing. You need to be you, regardless of what other people think about you.

Well, now we’re bringing love into the situation. A new relationship would do that wouldn’t it? Bring love in, make it apart of your life in whatever way that means for you.

Clearly, a new relationship would mean something new is beginning, that’s awesome. Allow the shift, whether it’s into a relationship or into being more in love with yourself and who you are. However it resonates for you is the right way forward.

The Metal King is interesting because it’s talking about boundaries. So this is where that self-acceptance comes in. As I mentioned earlier, you can’t shift your beliefs to make others happy. This is where you need to have boundaries. You are who you are. People either need to accept you as you are or not. There is no room for kind of around here. Get okay within yourself and then make those that want to be in your life do the same thing.

The final message from the Bag of Tricks is just to relax and enjoy the ride. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually really good. It puts you in your power, that’s exactly where you need to be. Freely move forward and don’t worry about a thing. You’re going to be fine!

I hope that helps Pile 4.

Thanks for reading!


Tons of repetitive, confirming messages within 3 of the 4 piles. The messages were very clear for this New Moon Eclipse. I do hope they were helpful!

Let me know if you have questions or how the messages resonated for you!

Thanks so much for reading!

Love to all.


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