New Moon in Scorpio Tarot Reading

This week for the New Moon I thought I would do a pick a pile reading on the blog! Below are 4 piles for you to pick from. Once you’ve picked a pile scroll down to find your cards and their meaning.

The three decks I’m using in this reading are:

  1. The Wheel of the Year Tarot by Maria Caratti
  2. The Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor
  3. Moonology Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland
Pick a pile from the 4 piles above.

Pile 1

Pile 1

The cards shown above are:

  1. Your commitment is being tested from the Moonology Oracle deck.
  2. Ace of Cups from the Wheel of the Year Tarot.
  3. Attachment from the Energy Oracle.

This is showing that you are attached to something that hasn’t quite manifested yet. It’s getting close and you see really excited about it, but you’re still waiting. The Universe is asking you to let go of the attachment to it so that it can come to you.

Remember, it’s only through detachment from the outcome that we get what we want. Focus on where you want to go. Stay present as much as you can and what you want will come to you faster.

Pile 2

Pile 2

The cards in this pile are:

  1. Expect powerful change from the Moonology Oracle deck.
  2. Chariot from the Wheel of the Year tarot.
  3. Financial constraints from the Energy Oracle.

Change is coming, ready or not pile 2! Don’t let your bank account balance or lack of it hold you back. You are allowed to have what you want and money should not be an excuse to stop you.

The Chariot is quick moving action energy. It’s about making a choice and moving forward very confidently. Trust what you are experiencing and allow the changes to happen. Don’t let anything stop you from moving forward!

Pile 3

Pile 3

The cards in this pile are:

  1. Conclusions are within reach from the Moonology Oracle.
  2. 2 of Wands from the Wheel of the Year tarot.
  3. Envy from the Energy Oracle.

The two of wands indicates there is a choice to be made about your plans so that you can move forward. What decisions do you still need to make? Is there something about your plans you don’t trust? You can do this. Trust yourself.

What are you jealous of? Is there somebody around you that is doing what you want? Are you wishing you were someplace different? Envy is an energy of lack that will keep you stuck. Know that you will be successful at whatever you are trying to achieve and move forward with confidence.

Pile 4

Pile 4

The cards in pile 4 are:

  1. A win-win outcome is forecast from the Moonology Oracle.
  2. The World from the Wheel of the Year tarot.
  3. Fourth Chakra, Archangel Raphael from the Energy Oracle.

Whatever situation you are in will end well. It will be fine. Both the Moonology oracle and the tarot are predicting a favourable outcome.

The World card is all about completion and fulfillment. This is not a negative card. Whatever it is will complete and you will be okay.

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra. Listen to your heart and intuition. You know the truth of this situation. Pay attention to how you feel. Your emotions aren’t lying to you. Trust yourself.


There is a lot of change in this new moon cycle for everybody. Stay present. Take care of yourself. Focus on your goals and stay out of the details. It’s all going to work out beautifully!

Love to all!


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