Opinion: The World As I See It

I’m putting this up as an opinion piece. Please take it or leave it. I’m not here to change anybody’s mind, however I feel it’s important to share my perspective on current events. Whether you take it on or not is up to you.

2020 has been fun hasn’t it? So much has happened. So many people have opinions and ideas about the state of things. There is a lot of fear, confusion and disinformation floating around. I could talk about any or all of it easily and this post would be thousands of words long.

The world is grappling with the old systems and the way the world has worked up until now. People are in some cases, finding holes in the system and in others creating holes that aren’t even there. There is a lot of blame, fear and anger in the world right now. Many people are looking ahead trying to figure out what’s next and what the world would look like if these systems either didn’t exist or were dramatically changed.

To be clear, I am firmly grounded in what is. Conspiracy theories, QAnon, made-up information, lies and disinformation are not the space that I hang out in. If you’re looking for that, I suggest you read a different article as this one will be very triggering for you.

For me, all of this disinformation is a form of spiritual bypassing. The people that believe this are looking to place blame on systems and people in power instead of dealing with the reality of what is. This is a refusal to see reality as it is because it is triggering, jarring and sometimes fearful. The desire to blame those in power for the state of the world requires little healing from the individual placing the blame. It’s a bypass, a way out and a cover-up. By creating a fake reality that isn’t grounded in anything other than a desire to place blame, we allow ourselves to avoid the truth of what is. Not surprisingly, this fake world is actually far more terrifying than the real one. But it creates an easy way out because it’s simply a matter of putting everybody in jail instead of actually working to fix the systems that are broken.

Spiritually speaking, the systems are collapsing. New systems will be created that allow for equality, truth, non-judgement and unconditional love. What we are witnessing is one leg of the chair beginning to collapse. Most people call that leg of the chair FOX News and the media at large. FOX has been legitimizing the disinformation for a while now. What this has done is create an alternative reality of sorts, for the people that choose to believe what they report. There are no facts to support most of what FOX News reports. It isn’t grounded in any reality except the made-up one they are choosing to create.

The fact is, we now have two very distinct and competing realities. A few years back I began talking about the idea of two worlds being created, not literally as in the Earth isn’t going to suddenly mutate, but figuratively as people will either ascend into the 5D reality or not. I believe that these alternative realities being created through disinformation are the creation of those two worlds. I’ll leave you to decide which is which.

The interesting part of all of that is that people on both sides generally believe they are doing the right thing. For the majority of the people that will read this, no harm is meant. The intent is pure in that they want to see a better world and genuinely believe that the world would be made better if everybody saw things the way they did. The goal on both sides is the collapse of the systems as we know them. That is the common ground. How we get there and the information we choose to do it with seems to be a little bit up in the air.

So, let’s run the list of things in our reality and what I think of them.

COVID-19 and our beloved pandemic are real. The disinformation around this is dangerous and is costing people their lives. As people recognize their own power they will choose to see the fact in what’s being reported instead of the fear. They will realize that sickness is a choice not a roll of the dice. Denying something because we don’t want to deal with the fear of it is spiritual bypassing in all its’ glory.

QAnon was created by somebody with a vivid imagination and a desire to upend the system and create doubt. Mission accomplished. It is not real, folks. I’m sorry, I hate to burst your bubble, but this stuff is fiction and needs to be treated as such. It would make a great sci-fi novel though!

The United States election and Donald Trump have been genuinely fascinating to watch. Trump spreads misinformation faster than it can be created. He’s given the fiction of QAnon and conspiracy theories a legitimate voice and used his personal media outlet, FOX News, to do it with. I predicted months ago that he would try to retain power in whatever way he could. He is going down that path. He is going to crown himself king and the misinformation he’s legitimizing will help him do it. He and his supporters will be attempting to overthrow the government any day now. King Trump, anybody?

FOX News aside, I still believe the media does its’ best to report fairly and accurately. Human judgement means there will always be a slight skew to all information that gets put out. It’s our job as individuals to look for the skew and swing it our own way so that it fits with our definition of reality. The access to information we have now allows us to look up the latest government bill and read it ourselves so that we don’t have to take the media’s word for it. The trick is, we have to look at valid and real government resources and not go find QAnon, conspiracy theory based information, which is always skewed in the most detrimental direction possible and will always seek to sew doubt into the minds of those that read it.

The vote count in the United States is accurate. There is no fraud.

5G is harmless and no more dangerous than your microwave.

Trump is a racist, misogynist, homophobe and a white supremacist. He is a dangerous man that dreams of turning the United States into a dictatorship, of which he is king. Unfortunately, if you believe the misinformation, you don’t see this about Donald Trump. His character is firmly skewed in his favour. That said, I don’t believe that the people who voted for him necessarily agree with these viewpoints. I think they have been fool largely by the misinformation. If they truly knew who he was, most wouldn’t vote for him. I don’t believe that most of the people that voted for Trump are bad people. I do believe they are getting the wrong information from the wrong sources. This is what disinformation creates, a guy like Trump trying to take over America. Believe me when I say this is dangerous because they will enable him to do this and unfortunately, everybody in the United States will get to learn the hard way because of it.

Change is happening, regardless of which of reality you choose to subscribe to. I haven’t spent my time on social media attacking others for their viewpoints and I haven’t attacked anybody here either. I’ve unfollowed a good portion of my friend’s list on Facebook, but I haven’t unfriended anybody for their viewpoints. I’m making a conscious choice not to villainize or attack anybody. I choose to believe that most people are, in fact, good, caring people that are trying to do the best for themselves and their families.

I’m not asking you to agree with me. You can choose whichever reality you would like. I’m putting my viewpoint out here for those that are interested in it. If it doesn’t jive with you, that’s fine. Simply close the tab in your browser and move on. No harm done.

Thanks for reading. Love to all.


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