Personalized Self-Help Workbooks

If you’ve ever taken a course from me or you get the free monthly healing journal, then you’re familiar with my magical self-help style workbooks that give you a strategy for thinking through problems and understanding yourself. Well, how would you like one created just for you?

Introducing Personalized Self-Help Workbooks!

The workbook includes channeled messages just for you along with 15 to 20 questions to help you work through the chosen topic. 

The workbook will be in a printable PDF format with space to write. Of course, you can always use your own journal if you prefer and keep the journal in electronic format.

The topic can be one of your choosing or you can leave it up to me and my spirit team to offer what is needed. 

Tarot and oracle based questions or spreads are also an option for those that are comfortable with cards. It doesn’t mean I will include them, however all questions in the workbook could be answered via cards if you wanted to. If you don’t use cards, no problem. Just tell me you don’t want that on the order form. 

Why Personalized Workbooks?

There are a couple of reasons for these.

First, not everybody can afford a private session with me and not everybody is comfortable with that style of help. Not to mention that I don’t offer them all the time either.

Second, I could create hundreds of workbooks and probably still won’t make one that will help you in quite the right way. General products need to work for a large group of people, which means they aren’t specific to you and your circumstances.

Personalized workbooks allow me to use my psychic gifts to talk to your energy and your spirit team to understand exactly what you need. Then I simply put it on paper for you to read through and use at your own pace. 

It’s actually brilliant if you think about it!

What Will It Look Like?

The button below will allow you to download part of an existing workbook I have. If you’ve never done a workshop or course with me, this will be a good preview for you.

Remember though, these will be personalized just for you and it will be longer than this sample. The messages will be for you and the questions will be about your situation or concern. 

How Do You Get These Messages?

If you’ve never experienced a channeled session with me, then I don’t blame you for being curious about the gifts I have.

I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, a medium, and an energy worker. I can see the future, talk to transitioned loved ones, hear and talk to your spirit guides, and tune into your energy field which shows me your energy, your connections, and the pain and trauma you carry around.

All of that gives me the ability to tune into you, where you are at, what’s bothering you at the time, and help you work through it. That means, that even without talking to you, seeing your face, or knowing your birthday or anything about you, I can use my gifts to tune into you and figure out what needs to be worked through.

I am so blessed to have these gifts and to be able to use them to support others on their own journeys. Offering these workbooks is just one of the many ways I try to help people.

Can I Ask Follow-Up Questions?

Yes! Email me a question or two and I will answer you. 

I cannot hold extended conversations this way. One or two questions is all I can answer. I will open up my calendar to book private sessions for those that need more feedback. These sessions are not free. Please ask for details.

Order Yours Below!

The personalized workbooks are normally $49.99 CAD. I’ve been inspired to offer them at a reduced rate to hopefully give others the opportunity to experience this. Right now until February 4th they are $29.99 CAD.

Once the form is filled in you will be taken to the cart to pay for your order.  Your order is not confirmed until payment is received.

There is a 3 to 5 day turnaround time on these, however, you may receive them faster depending on my schedule.

Personalized Workbooks
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